Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A rain storm to start the week

Hey everybody!  Look at me being all responsible and blogging twice in one week.  Once this post is done I will be caught up to this week.  Like, caught up all the way to four days ago.  Remarkable!  Mostly it's because we've had a lot going on, but not so much "big" stuff.  I've been really busy, but not fun busy.

Last Sunday, April 10th we had a big rainstorm come through town.  It was legitimately chilly.  And it rained off and on for hours.  We were out running a bunch of errands when one of the storms started.  Elliott was so incredibly excited that he finally got to use the umbrella he bought with Christmas money.  He walked in to Sprouts holding it and then the rain stopped. 

It started again once we were home later that afternoon so he got to "play" with his umbrella for a long time.

Spencer did not want his picture taken.

See our new patch of grass? This corner had become overgrown with shamrocks so Michael cut everything out and put new sod down.  It looks ridiculous.

Once they were chilled to the bone we had the kids come inside and take hot showers and then we let them watch cartoons with their blankets.

And a totally healthy snack.  

Ginger got her nap on too.

We were back outside playing in the evening.  The moon looked really cool.

Oh, and this is one of our new garden gnomes.  We got two, one for the front and one for the back.  One of them is named Nicholas and one of them is named Stephen.  I'm pretty sure this is Stephen.
I went to the DMV last Monday to get a new license.  I stopped at Trader Joe's after I left there and bought these parsnip chips on a whim.  Big mistake.  Huge.  They are delicious.  And there are only 10 grams of carbs in the whole bag.  I may or may not have eaten three bags of them since then.
I had to hide the first bag in Elliott's closet during his nap.  It helped me have some self control while he was napping, but not once he got up.

Last Tuesday I made Beary Good toast for Elliott for the first time in his life. 

He agreed.

It is Beary Good.

On Wednesday Elliott got his eyes checked for the first time.  His vision is perfect but he has an eye infection (which is why I made the appointment).   The whole appointment ended up being a disaster for a bunch of reasons I won't bore you with and we had to wait for forever.  We tried on glasses while we waited.

I think he looks great in glasses.  I'm just a wee bit disappointed he didn't need any.

I worked on Thursday and Friday.  There was a huge dust storm while I was driving home on Friday.  You just can't see it in this picture which is quite weird because it was way dusty when I took it.
On Saturday I got my eyes checked.  My vision is 20/20, which is worse than the 20/15 I was for a long time, but I'll take it. 

I stopped at Home Goods on my way home.  I'm going to a wedding on Cape Cod in a few weeks and I was very tempted to buy the happy couple this whale butter dish, but less enthusiastic about trying to get it to them in Massachusetts.

I was also tempted to buy this $600 pig shaped grill.   I'm still tempted.
Michael's parents came up to spend the weekend with us and we went out to dinner on Saturday night.  We took Elliott's 4 year 4 months pictures.  Just two, because sometimes it's not appropriate to take 20 pictures in a row.  

Oh yeah.  Boom.  Only four days behind.  Maybe now I'll be on my A game and actually blog about the kitchen cabinet staining being done and the epic quest I went on to find a dress for this wedding in MA.

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Jeannette said...

I'm going to go ahead and request that those pants end up in the Clark pile when Elliott is done with them because they need to live on in sporadic blogging infamy. We haven't discussed this, but I think we'll be so close yet so far away from each other again soon with these upcoming weddings of ours. Sigh. We need to start planning that Oklahoma getaway of ours!