Thursday, March 10, 2016

The first week of March

For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm "over" blogging.  It's a terrible combination of being really busy all of the time, but not busy with fun stuff that makes for good posts.  It's just normal busy life.  Jeannette and I were talking about this problem and I think it's also because my kids are getting older.  They aren't changing as rapidly as they once did and not everything feels like it's important to capture.  But then I re-read my old posts and I'm so glad that I wrote about the simple everyday stuff too because you very quickly forget what life was like last year or two years ago or five years ago.  

So, for now I will press on.  I will press on with a mostly boring post about last week.

On Tuesday, March 1st, Elliott and I made silky play dough with hair conditioner and corn starch.  It feels and smells really good.

On Wednesday I took new profile and cover photos for Facebook.  I had to crop my shorts wearing legs out of them, because nobody needs to see that.

Spencer had a slow start getting ready for school on Thursday.  Thursday morning is our earliest and most hectic morning because I have to get ready for work, and unlike when I work on Friday, Michael is not home.
Elliott played with blocks that afternoon.  Why is he looking so tall?  And where is his baby fat?  What is going on here?
I bought this flower pot last week.  I like it.  I still haven't decided how to paint the red wall above the mantle. 
My mom spent the night with us on Friday and I left her with the kids on Saturday morning while I went to go pick Michael up from Aamco where he left his car to have an oil leak fixed.

They all had some quality time on their individual devices (Kindle, Kindle, iPad).
Once we got Michael's car back we broke up and each took a kid to brunch.

Michael and Elliott went to Wildflower.
Spencer and I went to Cracker Barrell.  I have to say I was disappointed with their breakfast menu.  No omelet?  What kind of breakfast place offers no omelets?

I got him a hot chocolate after.
Then we met up at a Police and Fire community event.  We watched the handsome firefighters cut open a car and pretend to rescue someone inside.

We went in all sorts of swat and emergency vehicles.

And tried on gear.

The kids hung out in this ambulance with a paramedic for a while. It was one year to the day that Elliott and I were in an ambulance being taken from urgent care to the ER.  This time was much less "medical crisis resulting in hospitalization".

We went inside a little two story house that simulates a house fire.  I am not claustrophobic and the fake smoke was not concerning, but it was so tiny inside and with so many kids that I could not wait to get out.  I couldn't stand up straight because the ceiling was so low.  That was a big problem.

There was a classic car show with police, fire and non-police, non-fire automobiles.

This was rather creepy.

And, scene.   Cut!


Sherry said...

Okay, you are just asking for a pep talk, missy! Don't you start getting all "I have no reason to blog anymore...blah blah blah!" You are just feeling the funk of a usually slow time of year. Enjoy it because you know all too well how quickly life picks up speed. And remember that you are blogging not only for you but for your kids. Just imagine how much you would have enjoyed having blog books of all of your childhood adventures. The adventures aren't over...they are just beginning now. Your boys are getting to great ages where you can really take them fun places, and I know you will just like your parents did for you and your brothers. In other words, suck it up, buttercup! :-) And you know I love reading about our "parallel lives" even if you do refuse to have another baby. We are still life twins! ;-) And this post was just chock full of little boy fun. I love it! I agree that Elliott is just looking way too tall and thin now with very little baby chub left. *Sniff* I hate seeing him and Brody growing up so fast. They are our sweet "twin" babies! And I love that you and Michael have individual dates with the kids. That is precious time! What a fun day!

Jeannette said...

Hey, it's me, your wife. We've already talked about this (obviously), but I'm gonna keep on keepin' on too. I agree, it really is nice to be able to look back and see where we were in life. Sure, FB is now pretty hand for that, but it's not the same for reasons that we both understand. If nothing else, we need to keep blogging so that we can keep comparing the boys in the clothes. Anyway, just wanted to tell you I'm still reading and love boring posts because they validate mine.. haha