Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally slow

Last week was our first real slow week after six to seven straight weeks of busy fun. 

On Monday, after preschool, Elliott and I went to Home Goods specifically to buy Ginger a new dog bed.  She had been sleeping on two old body pillows in the family room and while she didn't seem to mind, I was sick and tired of how it looked on the floor.  I also feel like we need to be providing more support and cushion for her bones and muscles as she is genuinely getting old and two worn out, flat pillows just were not cutting it.

This bed had a picture of a beagle on the label and said it was for dogs who like to lay on their belly with their legs tucked underneath them and dogs who like to lay on their sides.

Triple sold.

We spent the rest of Monday at home.  Elliott spent 95% of the day harassing Ginger.  Following her around.  Touching her.  Maintaining constant physical contact (keeping his hand on her back while walking next to her).  Full on stalking her every movement.  He's always loved her but this smothering behavior is new and we've had to keep a close watch on him to make sure he's not abusing (in a loving manner) her.

On Tuesday Ginger continued her love affair with her new bed (when she could escape Elliott).

On Wednesday I volunteered doing Art Masterpiece in Spencer's class.  It was a lesson that involved paint, which means it was messy, which means I took no pictures.

That afternoon Elliott went in for his first ever dentist check-up and cleaning.  He did beautifully.  They were even able to get decent x-rays.  Spencer was, like, seven before he could open wide enough for them to put the films in for x-rays.
They said his teeth looked great.  No cavities and very little overall plaque, just a bit of calcium build-up on the bottom teeth that they scraped off.

He never fussed or cried or refused to let them work on his mouth.

The ONLY "problem" he had at all was that he reached up and touched the light when he was waiting in the seat and burned his finger so badly a blister popped up within a minute.  Even then he screamed he was fine after we stuck it in some water.  Rough lesson to learn about the power of the light at the dentist.

Ginger continued to enjoy her bed on Wednesday.
I worked on Thursday and Friday.  On Friday I took some pictures of my office so I could use them in my "career day" "presentation" at Elliott's school.

We went to Tucson for the long holiday weekend on Friday afternoon.

We took Elliott's 4 year 1 month picture at my dad's desk on Saturday.

That afternoon my mom and I went to a bridal shower for my friend Amy.  Amy is the daughter of one of my dad's oldest (meaning longest lasting) friends, Pete.  Amy is a lot younger than me, but I've known her for her whole life.  She actually turned 15 the day Michael and I got married.  She spent her 15th birthday at our wedding.

Amy lives in Boston but came to Tucson for the weekend for her shower.  I was kind of a bum about pictures because I didn't know many people there, but I did snap a few right before we left.

Nothing like a picture of a cake that has already been cut.

Amy is in the white jacket.

I borrowed this from facebook.  Amy with her bridesmaids.
Someone brought a new polaroid camera to the party and took lots of pictures of the one game we played.  Each team had to design a bridal gown with toilet paper.  I was the bride for my team. It helped that I was wearing a white, slightly lacy top.

This is a picture of the polaroid pictures.
See me in the back row on the left?  My head piece was the sturdiest part of the outfit.  Let's just say it's a good thing I was wearing clothes underneath otherwise I would have been very, very, very inappropriately dressed.
The kids were with Michael's parents on Sunday so Michael and I took advantage of that to sleep in and watch a movie and not do much of anything.  We did go to Target and buy Valentine's Day gifts for the kids.  That's pretty impressive given the date actually. 

Sunday afternoon I took pictures of plates.  My mom is cleaning out her house and is getting rid of all these plates we made when I was a kid.  I didn't want any of them (they are in kind of rough condition), but I took pictures to remember them.

I used to LOVE this plate.  It was my favorite.  My Aunt Karen made it for me.
Someone (I don't remember who) made this for me.  I did those scribbles on the top right.  I can remember doing them.  I was probably five.  If I was the adult who made this I would have been pissed.  I wonder if they were.  I apologize now as an adult.

We stayed in Tucson until Monday afternoon and then drove home.  The kids got kindles for Christmas and they are so nice to have for car trips.
Up next: We'll talk about how I did with my fitness goals in 2015 as well as my goals for 2016.  And then the next post after that,  we'll talk about cake.


Valerie said...

Ha! I totally would have taken that rooster (Gamecock??) plate if I had been closer!!!!!

I'm so glad Ginger made an appearance in this post. She is my spirit animal.

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Awe, you are such good doggy parents, and I love Ginger's new bed. Since Cocoa has chewed and eaten every bed we have bought her so far, she has no bed now. She sleeps on the one chair she is allowed on that has a nice cushion. It is from our outdoor patio furniture so I will just replace the cushions one day, but for now, that is her chair and bed. She seems to like it. Haha! Yeah, I suspect it will be awhile before Brody will open up for x-rays or a decent cleaning. He has been to the dentist with Evan several times, but he has never been cooperative. Sigh. Way to go, Elliott! So do they think Elliott will have the mouth problems Spencer has or is it too soon to tell until he gets permanent teeth? His teeth look so straight and perfect to me so I can't imagine he will have those issues. We have to get Evan and Brody to a new dentist in our area, and I know we have to start thinking about braces for Evan. I hope that Brody's mouth is more like mine so he won't need them.

You in the toilet paper (a bit inappropriate) wedding dress...too funny! What a fun bridal shower game. Oh and the kindles for kids...great purchase! And they actually last a long time. Evan and Brody have had theirs for a couple of years now. Brody's was my old one that I just don't really ever use anymore. I just prefer reading from a real book. I think it has to do with the screen aggravating my eyes. But the kids love them, and they haven't broken despite all of their rough antics. So that is a win! My only advice is to get them some good covers for them. :-)