Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Elliott's four year glamour shots

I was going to write a post about the weekend today.  I even loaded the pictures for it.  But then I remembered that Elliott had a session at the portrait studio last Wednesday and I like to keep things more or less chronological on this here blog.  For no good reason other than it feels soothing to me. 

I was feeling brave and I tackled this appointment all on my own.  That is really saying something for how much he has matured with picture taking that we can get good pictures without two parents jumping around in the background for eye contact and smiles.

First we went with a green polo shirt from the Gap.  Spencer wore a blue polo shirt from the Gap for his four year old pictures, so they will look nice and coordinated hanging by each other in the hallway.

Spencer- age four.  The picture in the hallway.

Elliott- age four.  The picture for the hallway.

He loves this hat and we get so many compliments about it so I thought it would be a perfect accessory to remember Elliott at four.

A quick outfit change and we got these gems.

Elliott used some Christmas money to buy the Snoopy in the vest.  It was $7.  He's a bargain shopper already.  The other Snoopy was a birthday present.

Only one more portrait studio session for Elliott at age five and then he too will go strictly to school pictures in kindergarten.


Valerie said...

I just have no words. These are so precious. I really love the one of him on the ground with the Snoopies (Snoopys? Snoopi?) by his head.

Sherry said...

How adorable! And that green shirt really makes Elliott's eyes look green. I can't really remember...are they green? Brody's eye color has always been a little strange, and I guess you call it hazel. It looks more green lately and more the color of mine. I like green eyes because they seem to be the most rare color. Elliott is totally styling and rocking those red pants. I love all of the outfits. And of course, he is a superb model and always takes the best pictures. His spunky personality really shines in these. He still reminds me so much of Brody and seeing his pictures always makes me want to squeeze him! :-)