Monday, January 18, 2016

Citrus and the Theater

Last Saturday Brenda hosted our first get-together of 2016.  We went to her house to pick citrus from her abundantly producing citrus trees and then ate lunch.

It was a "bring the kids" get-together.  (side note: we had a lot of rain the week before and it was really muddy, so the kids wore bags on their feet).

Under the orange tree.

Lauren was at a training, Cynthia didn't come from CA and Shireen had car issues, so we ended up with a small group.  The kids kind-of made up for it.

Brenda's husband, Cliff, gave the kids a ride on his ATV.  He took them in sibling pairs, but we loaded them all on for a picture.

Time for lunch.

After we were done with citrus and lunch we came home where I got ready for a date with my brother.  This was my Christmas present to him.

We went to dinner at Romeo's Euro Cafe in Gilbert.  I was a very bad blogger and took no pictures, but luckily Google is there to help me fake it.
The inside.  I felt silly making a reservation for 5:30 but it's good that I did because, although the borrowed picture shows an empty restaurant, in actuality, it was packed.  Our reserved table was the only one left.

See the man and the woman sitting by the window?  Nick sat where she is and I sat where he is.

After dinner we walked across the street to the Hale Theater.  Once again, thanks for the pictures Google.

The inside of the theater.  It was so fun to have the stage in the middle.

We were sitting to the left of this aisle in the front row.  Nobody sat next to us.  Great seats.

This is what we saw.  It was hilarious.  Very well done.
These are "official" pictures from the Hale Theater website.  We were sitting really close to them but I wasn't so rude as to take flashy pictures during a play.

See the bouquet of flowers?  Nick's seat was right behind that and mine was to the right.  We could have reached out and touched them several times.

I did take this one before the show started.

And a selfie to prove we were there.

I'm so disappointed that this came out so blurry.  It didn't look nearly this bad on my phone when I took it.

After the show we walked next door to Postino's for an after theater glass of wine.

We sat on the right side of that inside couch.

This inside couch. 

It was a very full and fun day and I'm ready to do the whole thing over again, mostly because I have no fun plans for 4 weeks. 


Valerie said...

That looks like such a fun evening!

Sherry said...

Those citrus trees look amazing. It looks like everyone had a very fun day. I must request to pick some oranges and lemons when I visit you. I assume the big ones are grapefruit? And I love how you and Nick have so much fun together. I wish I could hang with you because I know I would be rolling on the floor laughing so hard. That play looks like it was very funny.