Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winston Watch 2015- Part 2

Winston accidentally sampled some of Ginger's dog treats on Sunday, December 13.  He thought they were no bueno. 

On Monday the 14th he played a joke on the kids.  A joke involving green mustaches.
There was an epic battle between Winston, Peter Pan and the characters of Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Tuesday the 15th.

Winston hung a very festive banner for Elliott's birthday on Wednesday the 16th.

Winston and Snoopy were just chilling together on Thursday the 17th.

We were amused to find Winston in a spiderman mask hanging upside down on Friday the 18th.
Winston was once again spending some time with a Snoopy on Saturday the 19th.  This time he was part of the Snoopy phone.

There was some more mischief on Sunday the 20th.  Winston wrote his name in frosting on the toaster.

Winston was an adventurer on Monday the 21st.  He was blasting off to the moon.
We went out for donuts on Tuesday the 22nd and it looks like Winston wanted to partake as well.  He brought his own special donuts from the North Pole.

On Wednesday the 23rd Winston was strapped in the car with a bungee cord, ready for the trip to Tucson.

On Thursday the 24th Winston thought he was an angel and joined the nativity in full glory.
And finally, on Christmas morning, Winston was cozy and safe in a sleigh full of greenery, perfectly perched to watch the morning's festivities. He had two letters with him: 1) Spencer's letter from Santa with the words "fulfilled" and "delivered" stamped across the bottom and 2) a letter of farewell to the kids. 

Goodbye Winston!  We love you!  We'll miss you!


Valerie said...

You're just such a genius. These are all brilliant!!!

Sherry said...

Do you ever fear that we will run out of ideas for these elves every year? I loved the rocket ship this year, and I thought about doing the donut one but never got around to it. Our elf is lazy most of the time. Haha! I really love that you take your elf when you leave home and keep up his antics wherever you are. That takes real initiative. :-)