Monday, December 7, 2015


When I started loading pictures for this post I intended on powering through and including all of before, during and after Thanksgiving.  But then I looked at the pictures for Thanksgiving Day.  Nevermind.  We'll just stick with the three days after we got home from Las Vegas and before turkey day.

I worked on Monday the 30th.  It was the third of four Mondays in a row I worked.  Blah.  No more.  Working Mondays is for the devil.

When I got home I went from this,

to this.  You know.  Just to test the waters.  In the last two weeks it has turned into oh so much more.
On Tuesday Ginger was a lounger.  You know, as opposed to what she is every day.

These two pictures were taken hours apart and on different couches.

Elliott helped me get the Christmas decorations out and organized.  We did most of the decorating this day because we spent the rest of the week and weekend in Tucson.

This is a girl's shirt.  It was $1.50 at Old Navy so he's just going to have to live with it.
On Wednesday my "on this day" feature on Facebook reminded me that on November 25, 2013 I had posted this.
There must be something about November 25th and Elliott and Ginger and blankets because he did this to her on November 25, 2015.  It actually took me a few minutes to find her because she was camouflaged on the floor.
As soon as Michael got home from work we headed down to Tucson.  At bedtime my dad read "'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving".  I bought it on our trip to Vegas and I think it will be a new family tradition.

Even Ginger enjoyed the story.


Sherry said...

I think Ginger was truly the star of this post. She should have been included in the title. ;-) I really will have to start photographing Cocoa more. I know I will definitely regret not having more pictures of her in the future. Sigh. I blame the fact that we got her at such a busy time of our lives when we were expecting our third (well fourth) baby. Sigh. Elliott is such a sweetheart to take such good care of Miss Ginger. That always makes me smile!

Cat said...

I read that book to my students every year. :-)