Saturday, November 14, 2015


I have been dreading and avoiding this post for an entire week.  Not because it wasn't a fantastic wedding, because it was.  Not because we didn't have a terrific time, because we did.  Not because we weren't delighted to participate in the wedding party, because we were.  No, it's just because I took so many pictures and I have been so overwhelmed at the idea of organizing and loading all of them.  But, my Saturday afternoon was free so I put my family on notice and just powered through.


Monica picked me up on Saturday morning after her doctor's appointment.  We went back to her house to get her stuff, then got coffee, then headed for the resort.  Sarah met us there and we checked into Monica and Rick's room.  We spent the next two hours getting ready.  Sarah did our hair for us.  We also got room service for lunch.  Somewhere there is a picture of me eating a chicken salad sandwich while Sarah fixes my hair, but I don't have it.

Ready to go!

We met up with the rest of the wedding party in the wedding suite.  It was my first look at the bouquets.

There were last minute preparations with 17 adults and two children in the wedding party.  It was controlled chaos.

There was a very nice toast before we headed outside for pictures.

We took some whole group pictures that I will hopefully be able to get from the photographer and/or facebook at some point, and then we had a chance to take some family pictures.
We took a lot of family pictures because I doubt we will be all dressed up and coordinated like this ever again.  Well, until Spencer or Elliott get married.

Then we joined the group for more pictures.

I just kept handing my camera to different people to get pictures. 

We were done with group pictures at this point.  Brendan and Travis headed off for family pictures and couple pictures and we were free to do whatever.  So, of course, I forced more pictures on my family.

I went back up to the suite about 45 minutes before the ceremony started.  I took these on my way.

Remember when Elliott and I went to see Cam and baby Harley in the hospital in October?  Well, here they are.  Harley was three weeks old.  I joked with Cam that I was taking a picture of her pulling double duty here- wedding attendant and new mommy.

Here's a better picture of both of them that I borrowed from Cam's facebook.

At this point I passed my camera over to Michael's mom.  Both of Michael's parents were there to help with the kids since both Michael and I were in the wedding.

My friend Lisa.  She is also a speech language pathologist.  I actually took her job when I got my first job out of grad school.  She was voluntarily leaving, so there were no hard feelings.  That's how we both know Brendan.  We both worked with him at different times.

Lining up

And the ceremony begins!

Jane and Kenny are also married.  But they didn't have a third member of their family in the wedding party like Michael and I did with Elliott.  So, we still win.

I asked every member of the wedding party to make sure that Elliott's pillow was being held the correct way since Michael and I were so far away from him.

So of course he had it upside down and then sideways, but never the right side up.

Here come the grooms!

Travis' parents were not in attendance so Jane's mom stood in for Travis' mom.

They walked their moms down the aisle.
It got dark right after the ceremony started.  There are lots of pictures from my camera, but they are all really dark.  The little tiny flash did nothing to light up such a big area.

The ceremony was beautiful.  It was actually amazing to be able to stand in the front and see everyone in the audience watching.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place.  There is a video of the whole thing that I will hopefully be able to watch someday.

They did it! We did it! And my feet survived!

Spencer took this picture!
After the ceremony, Michael's parents left with the kids and we were free to attend the reception as two adults with no children.  Freedom.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality, but it's the only one I have.  The guys entered the reception in pink feather boas and the girls in pink sequin top hats and pink mustaches. 

We watched an amazing slide show during the salad course.

Dinner is served

I have never seen such gorgeous decorations at a wedding.

Dave was one of the groomsmen.  He was also seated at our table.  I thought he looked an awful lot like Mr. Chad, so I forced his participation in a picture for comparison sake. 

They are totally brothers.  They share 99.99% of the same DNA.

The toasts were lovely.  And short.  Just the way a toast should be.

First dance.  They've been taking dance lessons.

Mother/Son dance

Every seat in the ballroom was covered in white with this gorgeous blue sash and rhinestone jewel.

Monica's in-laws, Shelley and Chris

Monica's brother, Eric

Cake cutting.  They were both very good and there was very little frosting smeared.

Obligatory dance floor pictures

And obligatory end of the night before every one goes home pictures.

We stayed until pretty darn close to midnight, which is when the last dance was and the whole thing shut down.  And now, exactly a week later, I finally feel rested and recovered from the day.  What a great wedding.  What a great day.  What great friends.


John Maxfield said...

Oh my goodness what an amazing wedding!!!! You all looked fabulous!!!! I'm so happy for Brendan and Travis. They are a fantastic couple!!!!

Valerie said...

What a beautiful wedding!!! You guys looked absolutely amazing.

Cat said...

Beautiful pics!