Sunday, November 15, 2015

State Fair- 2015

We got home after the wedding post midnight, so it was very early on Sunday morning.  I asked Michael to take a picture of my hair before I removed the 50 bobby pins Sarah had put in there to make it look good.   Oh, I also changed before we drove home because I couldn't handle that dress for one more second.

That's not my real hair, by the way.  It's fake hair that I bought at the mall circa 2005.  I pretty much only wear it to weddings.  I actually can't think of anywhere else but a wedding that I've ever used it.

Michael's parents spent the night at our house on Saturday and thank god they were ready and willing to get up with the kids on Sunday morning.  I actually slept straight through until 9 am.  I don't know the last time I slept that late.

We are gluttons for punishment so we had pre-decided to go to the very last day of the state fair on Sunday.  We stopped at IKEA and had breakfast on the way.  I like feeding six people for $24.

First stop, see the animals.

I am simultaneously horrified by and amused by llamas.  

Especially ones like this.

Look at that hair!  He's fabulous.  I want him to live in my backyard exclusively for my own enjoyment.

Spencer tried to take my picture with perm llama.  This is what he got.
Our second stop was to see all of the quilts, baked goods and whittled/carved wood.  This gingerbread house was probably spectacular when it was first displayed.  I think perhaps some structural flaws combined with our recent earthquakes led to its demise.
Up next: rides.  We bought $20 worth of tickets.  The kids went on three rides together and Spencer did the big slide and that was the end of the tickets.  What a rip-off.

After the animals and rides we decided it was lunch time. The fair food was quite a bit more than our IKEA breakfast

Can you believe that my mother-in-law has never, in her life, had a corn dog?  It's insanity.  It's unacceptable.  It's madness.

This is her first corn dog bite.  It was a bacon battered corn dog.
Our final stop for the day was in the Veteran's memorial coliseum.  They had a huge candy display in there.

I thought this four seasons gingerbread house was fun.

All of this artwork was made out of jellybeans.  Impressive!

The kids had a super early bedtime on Sunday night because of all of the weekend festivities.  Michael and I celebrated a weekend job well done by watching The Walking Dead and eating our very last EVER pints of Fresh & Easy ice cream.  The espresso fudge is my favorite. And it's gone.  Never to be tasted again.


Valerie said...

Sigh. Your weekend sounds like it was glorious. Then you end it on such a depressing note. Gah, way to go Natalie. Just kidding.

Cat said...

I've never had a corn dog.