Thursday, November 5, 2015

A thankful home

St. Patrick's Day is the holiday that has the fewest decorations in our home.  That is mostly because when Easter occurs in March I skip SPD and only decorate with bunnies and chicks for the month.  I just don't see much point in buying a bunch of stuff that doesn't get used each year.

Thanksgiving, unfortunately, is also a small decorating holiday for us.  It's not because I don't like it and it's not because I don't decorate each year, because I do.  The sad truth is that I do not ever feel like buying turkey decorations in July and August and if you don't do it then, you are pretty much out of luck.  Turkeys get replaced by snowmen and Santas in September.  Pitiful. 

I did luck out and get a few new decorations for 2015.  Maybe by 2030 Thanksgiving will be awesome around here.

Michael, of all people, asked why we didn't have a Snoopy flag for Thanksgiving.  My mom and I were shopping in early October when I found this 50% off, so I was happy to fulfill his request.

I got this handsome guy in October too.

This guy is over a decade old and is still looking good.

On the mirror behind the front door.  I have the same clings on the mirrors in the bathroom.  See Elliott photobombing?

Living room

See the big turkey towards the bottom?
I bought him on Monday.  He was the last Thanksgiving anything at Hobby Lobby and Elliott just loved him.  Honestly, I was ready to walk away because I don't like the sign he's holding, but Elliott was so sad that we weren't bringing him home.

Obviously we got him and decided I had it in me to do some sign modification.


Dining room

I wanted to display all of the turkey dishes I bought last year.  We have yet to eat dinner with them this year, but mostly because I just keep forgetting.

Closet door

I hate these stuffed turkeys and yet I put them out year after year.

I colored these a few years back. 

The kitchen has lots of turkey artwork. 

These are the fake flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I am incredibly proud of this little bouquet.  Way more proud than I should be. 

Family room

That's all I've got!  The next post will be wedding, wedding, wedding! 


Jeannette said...

I can't believe that wind sock is that old! How has it not become sun faded yet?! Incredible.

I love your Thanksgiving decor. It might not be as bountiful as some holidays, but what you lack in quantity, you make up for in quality.

Cat said...

You just need to host an annual St. Patrick's Day party like I do and then your decorations will get used each year. I hear ya' on Thanksgiving though. There is like a two second window where you can get Thanksgiving decorations and I usually miss it. It took a couple of years of living in my current house before I stocked up.