Monday, October 26, 2015

Wine, more wine and a killer kangaroo

When I last left you, almost a week ago, we had just finished doing a lot of yard work on Sunday. 

The next day (Monday the 19th) Elliott and I met Brendan for lunch.  We were a little early getting there though, so we walked around Cost Plus to waste some time.  I saw this wine and thought it would be the perfect addition to a Walking Dead viewing party.  
On Monday afternoon I made an Italian Sampler for the kids for their afternoon snack.  Spencer has been in love with salami lately.
It seemed like a wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.  My own little at home happy hour if you will.  This was cabernet though, not zombie apocalypse zinfandel.
I thought I would sip my wine and enjoy reading in the living room, but the people I live with had other ideas and joined me almost immediately. 

On Tuesday I randomly remembered that we have a bunch of children's books behind the TV in the entertainment center in the family room. 
It led to me locating a book we have been looking for and thought we had lost.
And although we hadn't been looking for this one, it is very seasonally appropriate.
I picked Spencer up from school that day and we went to get his palate expander.  This was right after they placed it.  It was every bit as awful as I thought it would be.  He cried when they cranked it and he's cried each time we've cranked it at home.  Sigh.  It's going to be a long 4 to 6 months.
Elliott had OT on Wednesday, but he ended up being "difficult" (to put it nicely) so I did most of the session with him.  Thus, no secret pictures. 

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's to buy tomato soup for Spencer.  He loves their tomato soup. 

Trader Joe's is pretty fun at Halloween.

We drove on Elliot Road for a mile or so when we left and Elliott is still talking about how great it was.  He's easily impressed.
My brother Nathan flew into Phoenix on Thursday so my parents came up from Tucson to pick him up from the airport.  They went out to dinner and I came along, although I just had a glass of wine.  What can I say?  It was a wine-filled week. The last time the four of us were together was November, 2013.  It's just too bad my dad misinformed Nick about what time they were leaving Tucson because he would have come up with them if he had known the truth.
I went on a field trip with the special education kids at work on Friday.  Almost my entire caseload was going and if they leave school there's nobody left for me to work with.  Plus I can count the field trip as therapy time.  I took lots of pictures of the kids, I just can't show them on here.

So, animals it is.  We went to the Wildlife World Zoo.  I've never been because it is so dang far away.  It took over an hour to get there and 90 minutes to get back because Friday rush hour starts around 1 pm. 

The porcupines had a lovely looking lunch.  Seriously, minus the dirt it made me hungry.

The turtles were having loud sex and it was all sorts of awkward to answer all the questions that ensued.

I just love giraffes.  I wish I could keep one in the backyard.

I specifically wore my giraffe shirt for this picture right here.

And this one, where my head is cut off but the giraffe looks better.

Petting zoo

Not petting zoo
This snake was out in the open and not behind glass.  I didn't like it one bit.  The sign below explains why there is no glass.

The kangaroos were also just out in the open, hopping around freely wherever they wanted to go.

Can you see the little baby joey in her pouch?

I made eye contact with this male and I really thought my life was over.  He was huge and muscular and something about his shoulders and ears and face made him seem vicious.  I fully expected him to bounce on over and rip my face off before punching me 20 feet in the air.  I was with a group of four boys at the time and I got them the hell out of there as quickly as possible.  
Right before we left we let every kid on the trip ride the log ride.  They all got soaked.  Then we stuck them on a bus and drove for an hour and a half back to school. 
We had a busy, fun-filled weekend, so  that will be posting soon.  You know, as soon as I sort all the pictures, load all the pictures and write the witty text. 


Valerie said...

That snake exhibit does nothing to dispel my belief that snakes are gross. Nope nope nope.

Sherry said...

Salami...yuck! That is the one deli meat I just cannot try. Eddie loves it, of course, since we are total opposites in the food department. And you would have a halloween themed wine glass. Haha! Yikes, that palate expander contraption sounds like a torture device, mom! :-( And boo to brother Nick not being in the picture with you guys. I hope you gave dad a stern talking to for that goof! ;-) Yikes, turtle porn on the blog! Haha! See, twins again. I always love the giraffes. Hehe! Yikes, I can just see someone getting kicked by those know like the ones on the old cartoons where the baby kangaroo wears boxing gloves. I know you know the ones...because we are TWINS. :-)

Jeannette said...

Did Elliott take that picture of you and Spencer? If so, very nice! If not, still very nice. I agree, the Trader Joe's tomato soup is great. It's probably the only tomato soup I like. I gotta wonder about that snake though. I mean, do they *really* trade it out each day? What if it had Chinese food and got hungrier a lot sooner than expect? It's a good thing you won't be going back any time soon. Free range snakes, horny turtles, and angry kangaroos? Nooooo thank you.