Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My two hour fall break and the weekend

The kids went back to school last Wednesday.  My school was on break all of last week, but since I only work two days a week I was "technically" on fall break on Thursday and Friday.  Elliott doesn't go to school on Thursday, so that was not a break for me (at all) and then I volunteered doing Art Masterpiece in Spencer's class on Friday.  Elliott was home from school by the time I got back home, so, my fall break was from 8 to 10 am on Friday.  It was really enjoyable (insert sarcasm font). 

I got to spend 20 of those minutes alone with Ginger.  She looks so comfortable here, crammed between her bed and the entertainment center.  She's such a smart and logical girl.
The Art Masterpiece lesson went well.  Spencer has a lot of different kids (compared to K and 1st grade) in his 2nd grade class.  Lots of new faces.  

I had lunch with him after we finished the lesson.
We did Elliott's 3 year 10 months photo shoot when I got home.  I included most of them so you can see his personality and maybe get some sort of idea of how many times I had to sigh.


Spencer thought he was so cool on Friday night hiding in his stuffed animal container.

He also thought these jello jiggler molds were a cool idea for his Saturday play date.

We made those along with semi-sweet chocolate bites,

and dark chocolate bites for me- naturally sweetened and topped with almonds, raisins and chia seeds.
Julian came over for a play date on Saturday.  It was, um, loud.  Spencer was so excited to teach Julian how to make english muffin pizzas for lunch.

Don't even ask about the faces.  I don't know.

The jigglers were a huge hit.

Sunday was a day of getting stuff done around the house.  We also went grocery shopping.  I think I could go grocery shopping every single day and still feel like we were running low on food.

Our main outside project was to trim the trees.  We hadn't touched them since the spring and they were getting a little overgrown.


We also put all the pool stuff in the shed and hosed down the deck.  We have a salt water pool so it's nice to rinse the stuff around it from time to time.

We have two of these bushes by the pool and they looked so pretty in full bloom. 

Ginger did what she does best while we worked.

I covered her up as a joke and she stayed like this for a good 3 hours.  At one point I even forgot where she was.

Oh, and almost exactly one year after I bought a Jake costume for Elliott to wear to his 3rd birthday he has now declared it "cool"  (after almost a year of refusing to even look at it) and wants to wear it every day. 
This week has been all sorts of boring, but Spencer got his palate expander today and it was traumatic for both of us, so I'll be blogging about the last couple of days soon.  Plus, there are all sorts of festivities coming up this weekend- a festival, a party and I'm seeing the play The Addams Family with my friends. 


Valerie said...

I loved this update to the last paragraph. Now I'm kind of dreading the idea of a palate expander. Poor Spencer.

Jeannette said...

Those bushes are simply lovely and Ginger cracks me up. I want to applaud you for never ignoring the beagle part of the "A Beagle and No More Babies" blog because, let's face it, we all know that Ginger really is the star around here. :)

Sherry said...

Ginger is so smart...I mean she knows her states and everything and put together that puzzle all by herself! ;-) And you sighed because of all the cuteness you couldn't handle right? I mean, I can't imagine any other reason to sigh over those pictures because he looks super cute in all of them. I won't tell you what my forester husband would think of the idea of "pruning" your trees. Just that when people do that around here to their crepe myrtle trees, he calls them "crepe murderers." ;-)