Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween House- 2015 edition

Welcome to our spooky Halloween house tour.  I decorated on October 3rd so I'm just barely squeaking this post in before the end of the month.  Everything Halloween will be taken down on Sunday but the fall stuff gets to stay until I put Christmas stuff up.  Which might be on November 14th due to all sorts of travel plans. We'll see.

Let's examine the outside first.

We want to go shopping on Sunday morning to find a Halloween blow-up for the front yard.  Several of our neighbors have them and we feel like we need to keep up with the Joneses.  I also want to point out that I edited our address out of this picture in two locations and you can't even tell.  I'm strangely proud of it.

We bought the black one last year for $1 the day after Halloween.

My friend Sandy, who passed away right after Elliott was born, gave me the pumpkin stake for my birthday yeeeeeaaaaars ago.  I feel happy and sad every year when I get it out of the garage.  It is truly a bittersweet pumpkin.


The mat was another very cheap find last year.  It was maybe $2 or $3 the day after Halloween.

Now we'll head inside.

This is the first year I have cleared off all the "regular" stuff from these black shelves.  I usually don't do that until Christmas decorations go up, but I did it early as to make Christmas decorating easier when it happens.  That's planning to the 50th degree.

I didn't include these pillows in my birthday presents to myself post, but these were pretty much birthday presents to myself.  I bought them in August.

The hallway closet

My dad bought us the big skull last year.  It is battery operated and lights up and says spooky things.

Sandy also gave me the big candle holder pumpkin on the bottom left.  Bittersweet again.

I used to buy my cinnamon broom from Fresh & Easy every year.  Damn you Fresh & Easy for going out of business.  I bought this one at Trader Joe's.  It was actually cheaper.

Full disclosure, the bathroom pictures are from last year.  But it looks exactly the same this year.

Pantry door

And finally, awful pictures of the outside lights at night.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  If you're local, get on over here before Sunday afternoon and I'll give you the live version along with a cup of coffee and some sort of baked good.....baked freshly at your request.


Valerie said...

I love it! What a beautifully decorated home. I wish I was local so I could take you up on that!!

Jeannette said...

Well, the Thanksgiving stuff is out now, but well done on the Halloween decor this year. :) I actually got the same ghost you had hanging outside, but returned it because I was convinced that it would make it rain for the entirety of October since it wouldn't hold up well in Michigan downpours. I went with those little plastic baggie ghosts in the tree instead and we had beautiful weather.

Cat said...

I love your holiday decorating posts. When I retire, I will come visit you one year in the fall and the following year at Christmas time so I can see the decorations "live."