Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall photo shoot (Fall break: Day 12)

This post is half flashback and half current. We'll flashback to Fall, 2012 first. Spencer had just turned 5 and Elliott was almost 10 months when we took them in for some DARLING fall photos.  These are still some of my most favorite pictures of them ever.  I love Elliott's outfit and I could just almost weep seeing him in it.

BTW- these are our own pumpkins that I brought in for the shoot.

Spencer laughed for a good 30 minutes about Elliott's face here.

Back to 2015.

Our original plan for last Friday was to go to the movies.  Unfortunately the only kid movie in the theater is Hotel Transylvania 2.  We never saw the first one and nobody was really interested in seeing the second part.  So then I had the brilliant idea to use Spencer's portrait studio coupon (from his birthday) for a free session to have Halloween pictures taken in their costumes.

The only thing this did though was make me regret not having costume pictures taken every year since Spencer was Scooby Doo at age 1.

Since we were going to be at the studio anyway, and I still had every component of Spencer's outfit from three years ago, I decided to do a recreation of those photos.  I just bought an orange shirt for Spencer and Elliott wore everything that Spencer had worn.

I don't love these pictures as much as three years ago.  They didn't have the same backgrounds anymore and honestly I think this spring background looks stupid with fall pictures.  The photographer picked it and I was too caught up in messing with the kids to notice how lame it was.  The comparisons at the end are pretty epic though and I mostly ordered the costume pictures because I really enjoy those, so it's all good in the end.

We brought our own pumpkins back again.

Oh Spencer and his fake smile.  

Comparisons.  I love these.

I took the kids out to lunch at AJ's when we were all done.  You can put a pretty decent and affordable lunch together at AJ's, which is exactly why we went.

Well, until you buy a "by the pound" salad and it turns into the most expensive thing you've ever eaten in your entire life.


Valerie said...

Ahhhhh...Elliott's face. I can't even. I may not stop laughing for a while.

Even if that salad was expensive, it looks delicious.

Jeannette said...

OMG, the comparisons. OMG. I love them. They might just be my favorite comparison shots that you've ever posted. Like ever. Did you show the photographer what you needed in each shot or did you just tell them? Either way, capital A Awesome. In the photographer's defense, gall in AZ is fairly green... Seriously though, WTH were they thinking?

Sherry said...

Awww, I love the comparison pictures! Too cute!

Cat said...