Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Break: Day 2

Last Tuesday, September 27th was the second day of fall break.  It also happened to be National Coffee Day and Dunkin' Donuts was giving a free medium iced or hot coffee to all their customers.  Of course I wanted to get my free drink and since we were making the effort of driving over there I picked up some donuts for the kids.  I was strong and got plain iced coffee and no donuts.

Then we got ready and headed for the Sea Life Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall.  The last time we were there was June, 2013.  Elliott was 18 months and looked like this.  He'd only been walking for a month.

Spencer was 5 and looked like this. 
We had planned on going to the aquarium over the summer, but summer just wasn't long enough to fit it in so we moved it to the fall break plans.
Elliott didn't remember anything from his one and only trip two years ago, so it was a brand new experience for him.

The scuba masks didn't make it past this first room.

This little sting ray was doing the back stroke and grinning.  I didn't know sting rays could smile.  Or swim on their backs.
The picture isn't that great, but he was incredibly adorable.  I wanted to bring him home and put him in our pool.  It's salt water.  I'm sure he would be fine.

We were obsessed with the octopus, as is evidenced by the 1 million pictures we took of him.

Oh hey.  I was actually there too.

That's a person.  She was feeding the sharks.
It too us close to two hours to make it through the aquarium.  When we were done we got our hands stamped so we could re-enter and then went to the mall food court for lunch.  After that we walked around and then went on the carousel.

Back to the aquarium.  The eel actually came out of his cave.  He was totally gross.

Five (yes five) hours later, we drove home.  It's pretty expensive to get in the aquarium, and the memberships are insane, so it will most likely be another two years before we do it again.  I guess that will be fall break when Elliott's in kindergarten.  EEEEK!


Valerie said...

This looks like such a fun place to visit!!!! I can't believe you got to see the octopus AND eel. That's amazing.

Jeannette said...

Not going to lie, it took me 3 pictures to realize the scuba masks weren't functional. Clearly, I've had a rough week. Nicely done, as always, with the appropriate attire. Looks like they had a blast!

Sherry said...

I thought we might get to visit the aquarium this summer too, but it just never worked out. Yes, they are insanely expensive. I do need to take Brody now since we just did our letter O for octopus this week. He keeps saying an octopus has 5 legs when I ask him so hopefully seeing one would help him remember. ;-)