Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

I knew a long time ago (like, June) that we would not be home on my birthday.  That meant that any presents Michael and the kids gave me would be opened either before or after the actual day.  Having them pick gifts for me is not incredibly important to me.  It's not like I feel less loved if they don't spend hours looking and shopping for the perfect gift.  Truth be told, for my birthday, I would rather buy my own gifts.  This was the perfect opportunity too, because Spencer wasn't anticipating giving me anything nor was he excited about giving me anything, since we were going to be at the beach.  A lot of what we do is because the kids want it, including where we eat and what we give for birthdays and mother's/father's day.  So, I told Michael he was completely off the hook and that I would be handling my birthday this year.

Number one on my priority list was metal scroll artwork and new lamps for the dining room.  

It hasn't bothered me for the last (close to) three years, but in the last couple of months I have become very aware of how empty it looks on and above the servers.  This picture is really old because, of course, I forgot to take a before.
I really like the metal scroll artwork we had above the TV in our bedroom and when I measured it I realized it would work perfectly in the dining room.  Again, sorry for the awful picture.  I found this in a previous post.  It's not current.
I didn't want to move it if I wasn't able to buy a matching one for the other side though, so off I went to Hobby Lobby just hoping they still had them in stock.  They did and I totally lucked out that metalwork was on sale for 50% off.  It was only $20, which is what I think I paid for the first one too.

Metal scroll artwork- check!  Happy birthday to me!

Moving the scroll from above the TV left a big open space there, so during another trip to Hobby Lobby I found a replacement.  It's smaller, but I like it in this space better.

Happy birthday to me!

Next on my search list was lamps.  I looked in multiple stores and found multiple lamps that were perfect, except for the price.  Then I found this gem at Kirkland's.  It was $22.  The only problem is that it was the floor model and they did a search for another one and it was the only one left anywhere in the state.  The size, color and lampshade were perfect though, so I took a chance and bought it. 

Then decided to move it to the other side. 
I had just about given up on finding another lamp that would work and had decided I was OK with just one lamp when I found this beauty at Ross for $19.99.  Perfect size, color, lampshade and price.
Then I rearranged everything on top of the servers and moved everything from the right one to the left one and the left one to the right one.

Happy birthday to me!

We turn them on every night.  They make the perfect glowy light.

So, because I consider shopping to be one of my greatest talents and one of my most satisfying hobbies I decided to use my birthday as an excuse to finish a few more home projects that were itching for completion. 

I needed one more humorous canvas for my kitchen gallery wall.  I found the perfect one on etsy.  I got to pick the color of the background and the print.

Happy birthday to me!

I also bought these vinyl stickers from the same etsy seller.  They were $5 and the best $5 I ever spent because it's just hilarious to have these on our hallway bathroom door.

I giggle every time I walk by. 
We needed new pillows for these brown chairs.  We bought the chairs and the pillows when we moved into our first house in 2006.  The pillows don't really match anymore and one of them is totally busted open on one end.

This is from right before we moved in 2009.
I bought this pillow at Ross because I really liked it and because it was $6.  The only problem, and it's kind of a big one, is that there was only one and despite going to 1 billion additional Ross's, I can't find another one.  I really need to stop buying one of something when I really need two.  For now I put it in the kitchen. 
I finally gave up finding a second one and focused on just finding two new matching ones. I flat out refuse to pay $20 or $25 for one pillow (seriously, do people do that?), but I was lucky to find these for $6 each.  It's not $5, but still a decent price I think.

Happy birthday to me!

And finally, I treated my self to a new purse during one of those multiple trips to Ross.

Happy birthday to me! 


Sherry said...

You did awesome! I love the idea of picking out your own birthday gifts, and you are awesome at it. I don't always think about it being "gifts," but this is what I do too. I don't ever expect Eddie and the kids to get me gifts because it isn't "practical." I just pick out what I like. And I agree, pillow prices are outrageous! People must pay those prices because I hardly ever find any cheaper. You are way luckier than me in that area because $5 or $6 pillows is amazing...and I like them! Also, if I ever have a formal dining room in the future, I definitely will be taking cues from you on decorating it. I really love how you do it! The scroll work above the buffets are perfection. I agree on the prices of lamps and bought the blue ones in our bedroom from Kirkland's for that price. They didn't have any on the floor, but I had seen them online. Everything on the floor was at least $40 each so I asked the sales person, and she found the ones I wanted in the back (two of them). Seriously? Obviously, they don't want to put their cheaper merchandise on display. The ones I wanted looked just as good as the more expensive ones. On the subject of these shopping excursions, I was actually at TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Kirkland's, Tuesday Morning, and Target this afternoon looking for similar decorations. I wanted to freshen up some spots in the house before the holidays. I guess we'll call my purchases my birthday presents too. Should I write a blog post about them? :-)

Jeannette said...

I love the scrolls in the dining room and the new scroll over the tv! Definitely better fits in their new locations. The new kitchen art and hallway bath stickers make me giggle too. Nice job on the birthday presents, lady!