Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big time family pictures

When Michael's brother told us that they were going to come for a visit this summer my father-in-law and I immediately started talking about getting real, posed family portraits taken.   We had pictures of just the grandkids taken four years ago, but Elliott was a fetus at the time so he wasn't included.  Plus it was four years ago.  The kids have all changed a lot since then.  If you're interested you can see that photo shoot HERE.  The last time we had a whole family picture taken was in 2010.  It was pre-Elliott and it was just a casual snapshot taken outside in Vermont.  

So, a week and a half ago we headed to the portrait studio and got some real gems.  We ordered the CD so we will be able to order as many prints as we want.

It all started with these two.

Michael's family of origin. 

 I just love, love, LOVE that Michael and his brother are 38 and 40 and they took this picture with their parents.

And I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that Michael is a floating head in this picture.


I have posted these pretty much in the order that they were taken.  After we got the "good" family ones, the photographer told us to make silly faces. My father-in-law didn't have his hearing aids in though, so he missed the directions and the result is that he looks like a GQ model surrounded by a sea of fools  (yes, I know.  It's the same joke I used on facebook).  We didn't even know that this had happened until the very end when we were looking at all of the pictures. He had NO idea we had all been making funny faces and we had no idea he wasn't.

Grandparents and grandkids.

All the men.

The ladies.  This family is very male-heavy.

We also didn't get a goofy girls picture.  Probably because we're too lovely and elegant for such tomfoolery. 

Just the grandkids.

Individual families

Michael's parents are going to order what can only be described as a poster size print of the whole family to hang in their living room. Thank god it came out well.


Valerie said...

These are all amazing. I think Julia and I laughed at the silly one for WAY longer than we should have.

Sherry said...

That picture of the whole family being silly except the GQ model grandpa is hilarious! He is like "and to think I made these crazy people." Haha! They are all great photos though and well worth the effort!

Jeannette said...

I really love all of these pictures and I look forward to seeing 40 year old Spencer and 36 year old Elliott posing with you and Michael for studio pictures. :)

Cat said...

Um, can I just say that I love that you found a way to use the word tomfoolery in a blog post? :)