Monday, June 15, 2015

Last day

Our short little trip to Flagstaff ended last Saturday. 

It would have been nice to let the kids sleep in, they really needed it, but we needed to be in the dining hall by 7:45 to get breakfast.

After breakfast we took Spencer's 7 year- 9 month picture with some very scenic backgrounds.

Then it was on to the last assembly of the year.  The Awards Assembly.  It was June 6th, so my dad made a presentation about D-Day before all of the awards were handed out.

Elliott remained dignified and appropriate throughout the entire presentation.

And Spencer certainly didn't start crying during the last 20 minutes and have to leave and go regain composure in the office downstairs because I told him he didn't have a bloody nose.

That's definitely not why he missed this photo opportunity.
After the awards ceremony we had lunch at the American Legion with all of the staff.  Then we blasted off that mountain and headed back into the oppressive heat of the valley.  We were home for a grand total of 45 minutes before we left the kids with a baby-sitter and went to a Hawaiian Luau party at Monica and Rick's.

We picked up Maryellen on the way.  I meant to take another picture with her peaking her head out behind us, but I totally forgot my idea when she got in the car.

And then, at 10 pm we left the party and dragged ourselves home.  Michael wasn't so tired, but I was almost a zombie.  We had been home for 20 minutes when Elliott popped out of bed and came running down the hallway saying "good morning mommy and daddy."  Thank goodness it was easy to convince him it was not morning and he went right back to sleep.  I'm not sure he was ever really awake, actually.  He ended up sleeping from 7:30 pm to 10:30 am.  15 hours!  He woke up yelling that he needed to peeeeeeeeeee!  It still took another 3 or 4 full nights of sleep for him to fully recover from the 3 days away from home.  And that right there is why we haven't yet bit the bullet and started really, really traveling with the kids yet.  It's just too much.


Megan said...

I think they will be ready for a ROAD TRIP to Colorado soon! Fall break? Spring Break? For sure Summer 2016...maybe all of Summer 2016!

Jeannette said...

Seriously, traveling with kids messes everybody up for so long, especially when you have to share a room with them. We are just barely recovering from California a week later.

When you roadtrip to CO next summer (per Megan's request), you might as well just keep heading north and east to Michigan after. ;)

Sherry said...

Oh Elliott, I do love your style, kid! You remind me of myself. I vaguely recall a certain kid who was a little less than modest in a church program once when I had to sit on the edge of the altar. Haha! There is likely a video circulating out there someone. And ya'll are some party animals! You look like a real Hawaiian girl...albeit with blond hair and very fair skin. ;-) Still lovely though!