Thursday, June 25, 2015

3.5, more heat and the movies

I am less than a week behind on blogging, so let's press on!

On Tuesday the 16th Elliott turned 3 and a half.  It is incredibly hard to believe he'll be 4 in 6 months.  And that it will be Christmas time.  2015 seems to be moving by at twice the pace of 2014.  Elliott is having a Snoopy party when he turns 4.  He picked the theme about a week after he turned 3.  I thought for sure he would have changed his mind by now, but he talks about his Snoopy party on a weekly basis.  And luckily the new Snoopy movie is coming out in November, so there is already tons of Snoopy stuff available. 

We did his photo shoot by the pool.


Wednesday the 17th started at physical therapy.

And then continued at the IDEA museum.  Spencer built a cardboard Guggenheim.

And I made a quaint little cathedral with a glorious stained glass window.

Spencer was our photographer.  He needs to pay closer attention to people's heads.

There is a mirror, mirror on the wall in the new storytelling section.

She's kind of creepy.
The kids wanted to go to TC Eggingtons for lunch so they could have pancakes, but we had been there the week before, so I made the executive decision to go to Pita Jungle.  I may or may not have told them that when they started paying for the meals they could go wherever they wanted.
That evening it was 115 degrees in the garage (I moved our outdoor thermometer in there to check) but I pressed on and stained the cabinets.  I have timelines that must be adhered to.
Spencer took this of me.  He got my whole head!  I also like how it looks like the fork and spoon are stabbing my brain.
On Thursday this vile lizard, who may have been a chuckwalla, was hanging out in front of my office.  I am not a fan of lizards, big or small, but especially not big.

Blech.  I could just vomit.
On Friday I ended up going to Urgent Care for a possible concussion.  I'll be blogging about that one soon.  Stay tuned.

On Saturday we made Cinnamon Swirl bread for our new neighbors.  They seem like a nice family with three daughters.
On Saturday afternoon we took Elliott to the movies for his very first theater experience.  We saw Inside Out.  I loved it.  And Elliott did great.  This opens up so many opportunities for us to go to the movies.  It's huge.

We took pictures with the Snoopy backdrop after the movie was over.

If all else fails I guess I could use this for Elliott's birthday invitation.

Up next: My head injury and Father's Day.


Valerie said...

Oh my dear sweet Jesus. I do hope you realize that Elliott and CeCe have to bet married, right?!?!? Or he could marry Boo if he likes them a little less crazy.

Sherry said...

Okay, I have to do it. Don't be mad at me, but I thought it might make you upset if you realize this later. Did you mean to call this post 2.5 or 3.5? :-( I was looking for another reason for the 2.5, but I didn't see it. Elliott is looking very handsome and grown up at 3 and a half. Yes, this year is flying by! I have been guilty of telling my kids that a time or two since the request to eat at the same places all the time. Haha! Hey, just be glad Mr. Lizard wasn't in your house! That was Brody's birthday surprise for us. Brody and I went to see Inside Out together while Eddie and Evan saw Jurassic World. Inside Out was super cute, and I especially loved the little short cartoon before it about the volcanoes in love. I now tell Brody "I lava you!" Haha!