Friday, April 3, 2015


I want to do a brief and very quick post about some pre-Easter stuff before the real Easter festivities this weekend

This kids and I made carrot footprints one afternoon this week.  

This was the inspiration:

And our finished products.  They look nothing like carrots, but, whatever.

This morning I took the kids to Mesa for an Easter egg hunt. About 7 million people showed up for it and the whole thing was out of control.  We'll never do it again.

We got there at about 10:50 for an 11:00 start time.  There were thousands of eggs scattered all over the grass and basically at 11:00 every kid standing there picked up a few eggs and it was done in 10 seconds.

After that part of the not-an-egg-hunt-because-nothing-was hidden, there was a map to follow to go to all of the stores and restaurants in the area that were passing out eggs.  The problem is that with 7 million people participating you had to stand in line for 5 to 10 minutes to get one egg.  We went to 3 stores before we decided it was STUPID and we were leaving. 

We did stop by the Easter Bunny to get some free pictures on our way back to the car.

I'm pretty sure these are police officers and I'm pretty sure they photo bombed us.

Official for 2015
There was a big long line of people behind us and it was hot so I didn't even bother trying to get individual pictures of each kid.  Each year my motivation to do such things dies a little,

I did get some without the Easter Bunny though.

And a selfie where nobody is actually looking at the camera. 
Since we were very disappointed by the egg hunt we decided to go out for lunch.  Mimi's Cafe was close by so we went there.  I had a delightful omelet.  It was the best part of the day.


Sherry said...

I definitely commend you on your brave attempt to participate in the big city easter festivities. Those crowds give me an anxiety attack. Seriously, my claustrophic tendencies have really escalated in recent years and the thought of so many people kind of freaks me out. Haha! I hate that it wasn't nearly as fun as hoped, but the boys look like they had a good time. Oh the things we endure for our kids! And the last time you posted about eating at Mimi's, it made me want it too, and I ended up going to the one in Charlotte. I guess this means I will be checking to see if the one here in Raleigh is still open. Haha!

Jeannette said...

Look at me catching up on blog comments from weeks ago.. sigh..

Anyway, I think it's always worthwhile to try gigantic ridiculous events like that once and then be able to say with certainty each year that you have no desire or need to do it again.

I also really like how the boys coordinated, but didn't matchy match. Nicely done, Mom