Monday, April 6, 2015

Pre-Easter Part 2

After the world's worst egg hunt on Friday we came home, packed the car and drove to Tucson.  We unpacked at my parents house and then went to my brother Nick's house for dinner.

He went all out for Good Friday.  He made a restaurant quality smoked salmon that I could have eaten 20 pounds of.

He even baked this bread by himself.  I thought for sure he bought it from a bakery.

Elliott had a good time wandering around the backyard.

After dinner we had fun playing with the black light in Nick's garage.

Spencer.  He looked creepier on my phone.  You could see his evil glowing eyes, but they just don't show up on the computer.


I was the glowiest because I was wearing a lot of white.

On Saturday everybody else dyed Easter eggs while I worked out for an hour.

And then Elliott, who woke up (and woke me up) at 5:50 am and never fell back asleep, took a glorious nap.  

He wanted nothing to do with waking up.
When he finally pulled himself out of the world's deepest sleep he started crying that 1) He didn't want to eat a bunny cake on Easter and 2) he didn't want mommy and daddy, he wanted Gramme.  

Well all right then.  He definitely has opinions.
That afternoon I decided to take a picture of my dad's insanity.

My parents have several large agave plants in their backyard.  One of them started growing a stalk last month.  Once an agave starts growing a stalk, which will eventually bloom, it dies.  There is no way to save it.  The stalk is basically its way of committing suicide.

My dad has decided to fight nature though because he wants to see this stalk bloom before it dies.  However, the stalk got so big so fast (they grow so fast you can actually measure their daily growth) that it was ripping the roots out.  So he built a support system for it.

My dad is crazy.

On Saturday night Elliott was over his extreme fear of the bunny cake so frosting was applied.

After the kids went to bed we got their Easter baskets ready.  They both got chocolate bunny pops, bunny M&M's, bathing suits, shirts, shorts and little grass growing kits.  Elliott got underwear and Spencer got sunglasses.

Somehow as we were putting their baskets together the Easter Bunny was able to sneak in and out without our noticing to hide their treats.

Sneaky, sneaky Easter Bunny!


Sherry said...

Seriously, where did your brother get all his mad skills? He cooks a quality feast, sets an amazing table, and bakes bread...I just can't believe this man actually exists. ;-) Oh and Elliott's fear of the bunny cake is just too funny. That kid is a hilarious mess...much like his twin, Brody. Brody told me many times today that I was "bad, bad, bad" and wasn't getting any know because I wouldn't leave him behind in the doctor's office to play with the trains or leave him alone at Chick-fil-a to stay and play in the play place. Sigh. And no, I don't know where he got that withholding meals was a punishment...I have never once not fed him when he was misbehaving. Haha!

Sherry said...

And I love the little inside Easter hunt. I really wish I had been more on the ball about getting the kids Easter basket goodies. Sigh. I mean, this is my FAVORITE holiday for crying out loud. I really need to get my act together.

Jeannette said...

Is it weird that I love seeing sleeping pictures of your kids? They always look so peaceful and content. It's as if they learned from the beginning that sleep wasn't a punishment or a time when they were being abandoned. I wonder if their loving mother and her temporary nerve damage had anything to do with that. :)

And seriously, between the bread, salmon, bunny cake, your dad's handiness, and your general AH-mazing skillz (yes, with a Z) your family needs it's own show. I have no idea what channel it would be on, but I would watch. I guess that's what this sorta is though, huh?