Sunday, April 19, 2015

Appliance rescue, fans and lights

My friend Jeannette and her family moved from Tucson to Michigan last summer.  They bought a lovely house there and continued paying on their house in Tucson while waiting for it to sell.  They waited and waited and waited.  And then waited some more.  When it became apparent, in about mid-January, that the house was never going to sell, Jeannette and I hatched a plan.

The plan: Michael, his dad and I would go to Jeannette's house and take the refrigerator and washer/dryer and sell them so they could get approximately $1,000 profit out of the approximately $7 billion that they had put into the house.

Jeannette wrote a post about this months ago.  You can check it out HERE

It was very weird to be at her house without her.  We were in constant facebook messenger contact and I sent her lots of pictures.

There was a propane tank in the garage that we took too.  It was buckled up for safety.
The washer and dryer ended up being sold to a friend of Jeannette's and the refrigerator was sold to the daughter of the occupational therapist I work with.

Part two of the plan was that, as payment for doing the work for the appliances, we went back to the house and took all of the ceiling fans to keep for ourselves.

I thought I took a lot of pictures that day, but I was mistaken.

Three weeks after the big ceiling fan rescue Michael's mom and dad came up so that we could have a huge swap-out day.

First up, this light.  My dad actually took this light down at the very beginning of January, but there was a problem with the support box so even though we bought a new light for it months ago, we were lightless for 3 months.
Look at this hideous thing.  Our house was built in 1994 and this light is original, but somehow it seems to be from 1982. 

I was so glad to see it go. 

And finally!  The new light!

This thing was about $30 at Lowe's.  It is such a huge improvement. 

Next on the list.  The ceiling fan in the living room.  There was nothing wrong with it, but I was not a fan of the light blonde wood.

Ah.  Much better.  The ceiling fan from Jeannette's master bedroom, including its remote control, is a lovely addition to our home.

Project number 3.

Last year we went to a party at our friends Kathy and Bobby's house.  They had recently redone their bathroom and included a ceiling fan in there.  It was just about the most marvelous idea I have ever seen.

First, the current bathroom light had to come down.

The ceiling fan from Jeannette's living room went up.

OMG.  I love it.  This is going to make doing make-up in July so much more tolerable. 

And the last project.  Down comes the awful white and brass ceiling fan in Spencer's room.

And up goes a lovely cherry and bronze ceiling fan from a bedroom at Jeannette's house. 

We still have to do the ceiling fan in Elliott's room but for now I am a very happy girl with all these changes.  Thanks for the weirdest arrangement for payback ever, Jeannette.


Valerie said...

I'm in love with your bathroom!

Jeannette said...

*Sigh* It really was a lovely, foolish home. Thank YOU for making the whole thing sting at least a little less.
I love the new porch light and the fans look great! I can't wait to come visit them someday.

Sherry said...

I love all the work you have been doing on the house. I am with you on needing rid myself of all the outdated cabinetry and brass fixtures. That house in Charlotte was killing me thus why I had Eddie spray paint the dining room fixture and paint the front door last summer. At least this house has more updated fixtures, paint, and cabinets. It isn't perfect, but it feels so much better to me so I am just going to enjoy it for now.