Sunday, March 22, 2015

The end of spring break

We spent the last four days in Tucson.  Michael and I drove home this afternoon and the kids are staying in Tucson with my parents for one more night.  I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to meet them in Casa Grande after work.  I have not ever, once, in 7.5 years gotten ready for work without a baby or a kid (or one of each) in the house.  It's going to be very weird tomorrow.

  Like I said, I go to work tomorrow, Spencer goes back the school on Tuesday and then we'll have to power through ten weeks before summer vacation begins. So, before that ten weeks starts, I'd like to do a wee-bit of a recap of the end of break.

We got really messed up on Spencer's allergy shot schedule because he was sick for so long, so we've been going every three days to get caught up.  We stopped in on Thursday morning, got shots, then went to lunch with Michael, then went to the Science Center, then drove down to Tucson.

On Friday Michael and I went to happy hour with my dad.  My dad meets his friends every Friday afternoon between 4 and 6 for what they call symposium.  

This is my uncle and dad.
That night Michael and I went to see Insurgent.  We saw the 10:10 pm show, so we needed a little coffee to stay awake.  The previous night with Elliott had been pretty rough for me.  He woke up coughing at 3:00 am and fell back asleep (after coughing in my face the whole time) around 6:00 am.  The movie was great, but as I told Michael who did not read the book, it was loosely based on the characters in the book Insurgent. 
On Saturday I attended the funeral of a former teacher at my elementary school. It was a beautiful celebration of her life.

Jeannette- this selfie is for you.  Much better than the bathroom selfie.  Ha.
That night I went to dinner with my parents, my mom's cousin and my brother.  Michael was with the kids with his parents.  Nick ordered the world's largest margarita and I was glow-in-the dark.
Michael's cousin, Parm, and her daughter, Grace, were in town from North Carolina this weekend.   We had a big brunch at my parent's house this morning so everybody could see everybody.

You may remember Parm as the winner of my big 1,000th blog post give-away.  She gave me a kind, yet stern, lecture this morning about my lack of blogging.  I told her that, honestly, I am as apathetic about blogging right now as I have ever been.  I don't want to stop doing it by any means, but jeez, does it take a lot of effort and enthusiasm that I don't seem to have these days. 

We took this picture and texted it to my older brother to make him jealous of the wine we were drinking.  That's how we role.

Nick photo-bombed this one.

By the way, Parm and Grace came to visit us in February 2013, so OF COURSE I did some comparisons.


Valerie said...

What a beautiful little girl Grace is! And, seriously, Michael doesn't age. I hate him.

Michael said...

Valerie- Tell that to my hair!

Jeannette said...

Such a fun end to spring break!
I gotta ask though, does it drive you crazy that not everyone is lined up the same in the comparison shots? I have to admit that it makes my eye twitch a little.

Sherry said...

I always love how much fun you pack into school breaks. With Evan's new year round school schedule, I will need some ideas for his school breaks through the year. It sounds like his schedule will be similar to Spencer's. I imagine I will have to wait to see Insurgent until it comes out on pay per view or video. I think this would be one movie based on a book that I won't mind varying from the book since the book wasn't great. Sounds like the movie was better, right? Outdoor car selfies are much more flattering pictures than bathroom shots. Way better lighting! ;-) Since I can't meet you yet, I should really try to at least meet Parm and Grace one day so I can feel like we are connected more. Haha! What part of NC do they live in? I too think that the older our kids get, the harder it is to keep up with the blog. They are just so much busier with school and activities, and that leaves us with little time and energy to spend writing. Plus, many of their activities are separate from us now although you at least have a more active social life of your own than I do. Haha!