Tuesday, January 6, 2015

'Twas the days after Christmas

After so much go-go-go it was nice to have a few days to just relax a bit. 

On Friday the 26th we spent the day mostly at home- meaning the home of my parents.  We did take a long walk to the park, but I didn't take any pictures.

We also hid Jabba all over the house specifically because my mom doesn't like him and we thought it would be funny for him to pop up all over the place.

Later that day Spencer literally dug into one of his presents.  It was a gem finding kit.  He was supposed to find 12 gems in the block.  There were 11.  Apparently one of the elves at the north pole can't count.

On Saturday we went to see my friend Helen, who was in town from Ohio, and staying with her mom who is my mom's friend.  Did you get all that?

Helen's brother Dan has a brand new baby named Drew.  Spencer wanted to hold him.

Drew was trying really hard to wake up and he was a tooting machine as he stretched.

There were 7 kids age 7 or younger in the house (and 1 teenager) so it's amazing that we even got this picture.
On Saturday night my parents hosted their annual reunion party for people they have known since high school/college.  I made sure I took a picture of them with every guest.  But I won't make you scroll through all of them.  This is just a wee sample.

Nick was working the bar and he assured that both Michael and I had too much to drink.
It's a good thing that both kids were staying with Michael's parents for the night.  We even got to sleep in the next day.

On Sunday the 28th I took 0 pictures and neither Michael or I can even remember what we did that day.  I hope it was relaxing.  I think it was.  We needed to gear up for the next day: our 13th wedding anniversary and a morning to night movie/eating marathon.


Jeannette said...

I'd totally be calling/writing/complaining to someone about gem #12. It's not right. It's just not right.

Where in Ohio does Helen live (obviously tell me "in person" and not on here)? For some reason, I feel like since we live less than an hour from Ohio now, everyone who lives there must live near me (and thus you could visit both of us easily.. hint hint).

Sherry said...

You guys are just mean to torture your mom with Jabba like that. Haha! I like that gem finding kit. Evan had a similar experience with his dinosaur fossil digging kit. I love hands on projects like that. And Nick...an awesome bartender too! What a guy! If we ever come to Arizona, I request a kid-free night out with all of you party animals. :-) Oh and who is the guy in the picture with you and Michael. Looks like Hugh Grant? Haha!