Wednesday, January 7, 2015

13 Years

Michael and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on December 29th.  We have been married for 13 years.  13 years!  That seems like a long time and yet it has passed in the blink of an eye.  OK.  Maybe two blinks.

My mom and I were talking about some of the celebrities that got married around the same time as me and Michael and how they were all divorced now.  She wanted some specific examples.  So, I did some googling.

Prince and Manuela Testolini: Married 12/31/01 (just 2 days after us). Divorced: 2006

Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner: Married 7/17/01.  Tried to get divorced in November, 2001 when they "discovered" they had never been legally married so they just broke up.  Insert me slowly shaking my head in disgust.

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis: Married 4/21/01. Separated in November, 2009, Divorced : July 2013.

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli: Married 1/20/01.  Divorced: June, 2013

Jason Mraz and Sheridan Mraz: I couldn't find specific dates because he is not famous enough, but they got married AND divorced in 2001.

Keenan Ivory Wayans and Daphne Polk: Married 6/16/01. Divorced: June, 2004

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti: Married 12/12/01.  Divorced: May, 2014

Gabrielle Union and Chris Howard: Married 5/5/01. Separated: October, 2005. Divorced: 2006

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green: Married 7/7/01.  Divorced: October 15, 2002

Christina Applegate and Jonathan Schaech: Married 10/20/01.  Divorced August, 2007

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn: Married 6/9/01.  Divorced: 2014

Diane Kruger and Guillaume Canut: Married 9/1/01.  Divorced: 2006

Halle Berry and Eric Benet: Married 1/23/01. Separated: 10/1/03. Divorced: April, 2004 

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd: Married: 9/29/01. Divorced: July, 2002

So, you get the picture. And that was only 3 out of 10 pages of 2001 marriages on the website I was looking at!

But here's the good news.  These people, that got married in 2001, are still married:

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith

Dave and Elaine Chappelle

JK Rowling and Neil Murray

David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman

Ice T and Coco Austin

Lauren Holly and Francis Greco

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

Carol Burnett and Brian Miller

Tom Petty and Dana York 

Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy

Natalie and Michael

Good job guys!  Way to make it work!

So, back to our 13th anniversary on 12/29/14.  The kids had gone to stay with Michael's parents for a few days, so we had the WHOLE DAY to do whatever we pleased.  It was really weird and kind of fantastic.  We actually didn't see the kids at all that day.

We started out at breakfast.  We went to the same place, Mother Hubbard's, where we had gone last year.  The food was excellent.  The service- not so much.  It took 10 minutes to get menus and 40 minutes to get our food even though people who ordered 25 minutes after us got their food first.  The waitress had the NERVE to blame it on us ordering poached eggs.  THE NERVE!

Michael got eggs benedict and I got huevos Elysia.

We had to book it to make it to our first movie.  We saw The Hobbit.  We went to the dine-in theatre and got iced coffees during the show.
After the Hobbit we did a little bit of shopping to get a birthday present for Travis.  Then we got some Sonoran hot dogs.
We did a little bit more shopping to get some shampoo for Spencer.  He uses special shampoo and this was the 7th store I checked to find it.

Then we went to a showing of Exodus: Gods and Kings.  I thought it would be funnier if it was called Exodus: Gods and Donkeys.
After that we had about an hour to relax and get ready for dinner.

My dad took our official anniversary pictures.  It is the first time since 2006 that we don't have kids in our anniversary picture.

Official for our Anniversary Book

Then we headed to our fancy, pricey dinner at Flemings.

We had an appetizer, salads, dinner and dessert.  The dessert was a chocolate lava cake that we got for free.  Score!
We left 2 hours later, totally stuffed.  We changed our clothes and then headed to the last movie of the day.  A 10:30 pm showing of Night at the Museum.  We were the only people there until about 5 minutes before the movie.  Then a grandma came in with her young grandson.  And then 2 people who proceeded to talk, loudly, to each other sat right in front of us.  But then, 20 minutes into the show, they just got up and left.  We still don't have any idea what that was all about.

It was a totally perfect anniversary.  Here's to lucky #13!


Jeannette said...

I really, really love this post. Aaron and I were just talking about how many people we know who got married after us have already divorced and remarried other people. It's just plain weird since, like you, it's only felt like 2 blinks and yet they've found, divorced, and found "the one" in less than that amount of time.

Looks like a completely perfect anniversary! Only 26 more until the perfect anniversary post. ;)

Cat said...

Aww, happy anniversary! Congratulations! You two rock! Hugs :-)

Sherry said...

Okay, first, happy 13th anniversary! Now, I must point out that only you would put so much work and research into a celebrity marriage lesson for a blog post. Haha! And you guys seriously know how to celebrate. I love it all...the food, the movie marathon, and the pricey fancy dinner date. So I know I mentioned that we similarly ate at Flemings last summer for our 11th anniversary, but I think we may have gotten a slightly better priced meal because our anniversary happened to fall around Charlotte's annual restaurant week where participating restaurants have awesome specials with full course meals for around $30 a person. It totally rocks! :-)