Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winston Watch-2014- Weeks 2 and 3

The Winston antics continue......

On Monday, December 8th Winston was taken hostage by The Dark Side.  They taped him to a wall and tried to break his Force.

My camera could sense the struggle and responded with some interesting colors.

On Tuesday the 9th Winston built a snowman out of toilet paper in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, through absolutely no fault of Michael and Michael alone, Winston left for the North Pole before I could take a picture.  This is a close re-enactment.

On Wednesday the 10th an arrogant Winston brought his glamour shots and some scotch tape and did some re-decorating.

On Thursday the 11th we awoke to find Winston with a large, green mustache hiding behind Santa's mustache.

On Friday the 12th Winston was on a sleigh ride with some snowmen in the dining room.

On Saturday the 13th Winston dressed up like a pirate for Elliott's pirate party and hung out in Elliott's stocking, presumably so he could watch the party.
On Sunday the 14th we were all completely shocked to find Winston in the exact same place.  It's as if he had a long, arduous and exhausting day and fell asleep before he could fly home to the North Pole and fly back to a new location. 
We did some problem solving and figured out that somebody MUST HAVE touched Winston during the party (most likely because they were reaching for the gold coins that were by him) and we didn't know it and he wasn't able to tell us.  And without magic he couldn't fly home and back.

We did a quick healing ceremony and left Winston to rest while we went to breakfast.
It was a shock and delight that we found Winston watching Disney Jr. with a cup of water when we returned.  He was obviously healed, but still tired from his touching illness.

On Monday the 15th Winston was poking out of a tissue box cover.  We were worried that maybe he was getting a cold.

Our fears were unfounded because on Tuesday the 16th he was in Elliott's room.  He brought a balloon, a card and a coloring book for Elliott's birthday.
We were a little bit worried that we wouldn't be able to get to the coloring book because Winston was sitting on it, but that clever Winston had tied the balloon to his wrist so we could use the string to lift him without touching him.

On Wednesday the 17th Winston was in Spencer's room hiding in a large lego block.  He had also built a beautiful Christmas tree out of lego duplo blocks.

On Thursday the 18th Winston was a total goofball and hid inside of a box of cereal with his head poking out.
It's very lucky that we had such a cartoonish cereal box from our cereal dinner a few days prior, because these types of cereals are not typical in our home. 

What sort of tomfoolery will Winston be involved with during the last week before Christmas?  Stay tuned!


Jeannette said...

Seriously, Winston puts our elf to shame. The most interesting thing our guy did was hide in Ellie's room one day (ooh! ahh! although, she thought it was equally amazing and hilarious, so it had the desired effect). Has Winston ever hid/done the same thing twice?

Sherry said...

Oh that Winston! What a stinker! And I hope he didn't use up too much ink printing all those pictures of himself. Haha! Oh and your camera (or phone?) is just weird (or possessed?). Haha! I do not know how it keeps changing to weird colors like that. :-)

Cat said...

Okay, although I enjoy all of your posts, I have to confess that the Winston ones are some of my faves. :)