Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Party all the time

We had two birthday parties and two "events" to attend on Saturday.  I should specify that not all family members attended all events, but it was still a busy and fun day.

Party #1 was for Desmond's 5th birthday.  It was a movie night (at 12:30 pm) theme.  I took both kids.

Each kid at the party got a box of snacks and a pillow on the floor.  Spencer watched the entire movie (Planes) and Elliott watched about 45 seconds.

After the movie we had ice cream sundaes.

Michael got a ride with Maryellen and met us at the end of the party.  Then he took my car with the kids and I left with Maryellen.  Before we parted ways we took Spencer's 7 year- 3 month pictures.  Well, we tried.  Spencer claimed that the sun was burning his eyes (it was completely overcast) so he doesn't look very happy in any of them.

Michael tried again at home and Spencer looks great, but he is in this exact location for his 6 year-3 month pictures and I just can't.  I can't.  I'm sorry.

Elliott wanted a turn too. 
During this time Maryellen and headed to Lauren's house.  We spent a few hours drinking wine and eating cookies and laughing.  There is no photographic proof so you will just have to take my word for it.

At 4:30 Michael took the kids to Skate Land for the 7th birthday party of one of Spencer's classmates from Kindergarten.  It was a last minute invite (like, 48 hours notice) but they were actually available and they all got a free dinner out of it.

Elliott's first time on skates! 


Meanwhile, after the wine and cookies and laughter my friends and I headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens for our annual luminarias get-together.  This is a description.  Not written by me. For 16 magical nights the Garden will come to life with the soft glow from more than 8,000 hand-lit luminaria bags, thousands of white twinkle lights and the vibrant sounds and sights of 10 entertainment groups. Enjoy dinner at the Garden with family and friends, and stroll each path with a warm cup of cider or cocoa. The Southwest elegance and beauty of the Garden at night will remind you of what the season is all about.

We listened to a few musical groups before I took any pictures.  The first one I got my camera out for was the bell players.  Lauren and I decided that this will be us in a "few" years.  I am the one in white because I refuse to conform to the red shirts standard of the group.

Lauren and I didn't have to drive so we had two peppermint schnapps hot chocolates. 

We always spend some time in the hut.  It's really dark in there. 

The whole thing wrapped up around 9:30 and then Maryellen and I went out for a late dinner.  But once again you will have to take my word for it.


Jeannette said...

This post means so much more to me now that's we've chatted for 2 hours. ;)

Sherry said...

I love that party theme...I may have to steal it one day. :-) I am also reminded that I have yet to take Evan skating. Ice skating, yes...roller skating, no. I have so many fond memories of going to the skating rink as a kid, but I guess it isn't a popular trend in Charlotte because there is no skating rink. The closest one is in the next county. Sigh. We do have an ice skating rink just down teh road though. Weird, right? I am determined to take him one of these days when I am not prego. Of course, if it is anything like my attempt to ice skate last year, I will see just how miserably out of shape I am and be in intense pain after. Haha! And I love how beautiful those luminaries look all lit up!