Monday, October 6, 2014

Brass quintets are not for toddlers

The alternate title for this post is, "A lazy weekend and the busiest Monday, EVER".  But the most accurate statement of the year can be found in the actual title.

Let me explain.

We spent the weekend in Tucson.  My mom got a flier in the mail about a special children's performance by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, so we went on Saturday morning.  I had checked out their webpage for more information and their description made it seem very appropriate for children of all ages.  There was supposed to be a formal show followed by some carnival type activities (balloon artist, face painting, etc).  There was also supposed to be a Mickey Mouse character milling about.  He never appeared.

I wish I could have captured in the pictures the absolute chaos that was a million babies and toddlers (and their older siblings and parents) crammed in this room listening to a totally inappropriate concert performed by a brass quintet.  It started out OK and at about the 7 minute mark things started falling apart.
The premise for the whole performance was that a young rattlesnake at the Desert Museum lost his rattle and he was trying to find it.  The quintet performers would tell the story, then play a piece, then tell the story, etc.  For an HOUR.  An hour of fidgety small people crawling away, running away, crying and parents trading places back and forth to take their kids for walks.  I really enjoyed it and so did Spencer, but it was totally lost on the under 5 crowd.  And the majority of the kids there were well under 5.  I saw at least 5 families right next to us, each with 2 kids under 3.
Elliott did reasonably well given that he didn't give a damn about the music and he gets mad when people clap.  He was happy because he had a lot of laps to sit on.

My parents left after the show and we waited (in the blazing heat) in line for face painting.  It was Elliott's first time.  He has always refused to let that brush touch his face.

Elliott had not napped for 9 days in a row on Saturday.  He is exhausted every afternoon and we always make him lay down in his bed but he just talks and talks and talks and refuses to go to sleep.  Michael laid down with him though and he fell into a deep coma.
Seriously, we could not wake him up.  I was just starting to get concerned when Michael tapped him and asked if he wanted to go to the mall.  That baby's head popped up and he started crawling out of bed asking if we could go on the elevator at H&M.  It was kind of miraculous.  
Spencer and I went shopping with my mom on Sunday.  We went to an outdoor market place to look for some metal flowers.  They also happened to have metal dinosaurs.  I would love to put one of these in the front yard. Too bad the price tag is $3,400.

I'm not sure who is scarier, Spencer or the T-Rex.


I'm not sure how my phone made this color, but it looks really cool.  Good job phone.

This little guy was $900.
On Sunday afternoon we gave my mom her birthday present.  Her birthday is not until mid-November, but the gift, as you can see, is seasonal and I wanted her to be able to use it for the whole season.

She just happened to already have a bunch of pumpkins to put in there.
Spencer had his 4th appointment at Phoenix Children's Hospital today.  We dropped out of the eczema research study.  His skin is just awful, he is miserable and nobody felt like it was a good idea to go on.  Unfortunately it still took 2 hours to do all the stuff we needed to do in the appointment.  The appointment started at 11:30 but we had gone to Phoenix early and went to Michael's office to see him first.  Then we all went to brunch together.  It was a good thing we did that since it was 1:30 before we left the hospital.
On our way out we took Spencer's 7 year-1 month photos in the lobby.


After the appointment we went to Bath and Body Works to look for a Halloween foaming soap dispenser.  They didn't have anything Halloween.  I was blown away.  Then we went to Men's Warehouse to get Spencer fitted for his suit for Monica's wedding.  We saw some AZ Cardinals football players there.  They were huge.  They were also buying a lot of really expensive clothes.  One of them bought a $90 shirt.  And it was on sale. Then we got a late lunch and went to a friend's house to rest a bit and eat.  Then we went to Trader Joe's.  Then we went to Target.  Then Michael met us at home (after stopping at Basha's for chicken) so I could leave the kids and go to Walgreen's for Spencer's new medicines and Sprout's.  Then I made dinner.  Then I went to my Zumba class while Michael got the kids ready for bed.  Jeez, it was a busy day.  I would like to go absolutely nowhere tomorrow.

This was at Trader Joe's.  I was all sorts of crazy and let both of them get carts.

My friend Lisa is coming over for lunch and Halloween crafts tomorrow.  Spencer has aikido in the afternoon.  It's going to be a much less crazy day. 


Valerie said...

Poor Spencer man looks so miserable. I hope y'all can get some relief with his meds. I really hate this for you. I was hoping that it'd work.

Sherry said...

Sometimes, I think parents want to introduce kids to things way too early. I mean, I know music can be a very important part of child development but younger than 5 at a musical performance like this just sounds crazy. I would definitely not attempt it with Brody. Haha! I am the same as Elliott...I hate face painting and those icky brushes and paints touching my face. I never wanted my face painted as a kid. :-) There's does look super cute though. The only way Brody is getting any naps at all lately is while sitting in the car waiting in the carpool line at Evan's school. We always go early so we have a good 30 minutes to sit so he gets a little bit of rest. Ugh, I hate no nap times! Yikes, that's a pricey dinosaur! Does anyone actually buy those?

I just hate that the research study was not the answer to poor Spencer's battle with eczema. I was really hoping for the best. I just hope he will soon outgrow it. I'm not sure what the chances of that actually are but I'm still hoping. Even in his miserable condition, that kid can still smile for the camera. Good training?

Jeannette said...

Again with the camera gremlins, this time in your phone. I really think you should just go ahead and let the kids' college funds take a hit and buy those dinosaurs. I mean, you clearly need them. It's the right thing to do.
Since it's been over two weeks, how is Spencer's skin doing now?

Cat said...

I would say I hope tomorrow is calmer for you, but I'm about two months late.