Thursday, September 18, 2014

Almost 3 and a bunch of planning

The beginning of September to the end of December is my favorite chunk of the year.  It starts with two of our birthdays and ends with Christmas, our wedding anniversary and a new year.  Stuck in the middle of all of that is fall beak, Michael's dad's birthday, Halloween, my mom's birthday, my brother's birthday, Thanksgiving, my dad's birthday and Elliott's birthday.  It's just a fun and busy time of year and I love it.

I definitely feel the rush of activity beginning right after we finish our birthdays.  I start going into planning mode and all of a sudden our weekends are booked for the next 12 weeks.  We'll get to that in a minute.  But first, some pictures of Elliott turning 2 years 9 months on Tuesday.  The whole day I was thinking, "in 3 more months he will be 3.  And then it will be Christmas!"

We got a nice rain storm right before lunch.  No flooding, just a lovely drizzle.  I let Elliott go out and play in it.

Elliott was freezing when we came back in so I put him in a hot shower and then in the new jammies we had bought at Walmart that morning.  He wanted cereal for lunch.  Done.
 I thought that we could try a little 2 year 9 month photo shoot before nap time.  This is the first time that I felt like we might be "getting there" with pictures.  It took very little bribery and cajoling to get him to participate.

 The jammies had dinosaurs on then so I finally settled on doing the photo shoot in front of his door to match.


After Spencer came home from school the kids played in the water again.

Now that that is done we can move on to our fun upcoming plans for the next three months.  This weekend I am having brunch with two long time friends that I have not seen in years.  They are both speech therapists.  It is bound to be a good time.   We're also going to a birthday party.

Next weekend we are finally making the trek up to Camp Verde to go to the Out of Africa Wild Animal Park.  We've wanted to go for a few years but never wanted to spend so much money on the tickets.  Well, I found out that you get in free for the whole month in the month of your birthday and kids under three are free.  As long as we go in September all four of us can go and we'll only have to buy one ticket.  

Spencer is very, very excited about the giraffes. 
In October we have fall break (Spencer gets 2.5 weeks, I get 1 week).  We're going to go to the Science Center, the Children's Museum, the splash pad and we have a bunch of doctor's appointments.  We also have a weekend in Tucson, a weekend in Tubac for Monica and Rick's wedding, and Halloween.  We already bought both of the kids their costumes.

November is going to have two more trips to Tucson, a live performance of Walking with Dinosaurs, Thanksgiving and holiday decorating. 

 And then, December!

I'm going to the Botanical Gardens with my friends for our annual luminaries gathering.
Elliott will turn 3 and we'll have a party for him, we've got another wedding to attend and we're taking the kids to Flagstaff to go to the North Pole Experience and Santa's Workshop.  It's a surprise.....we're not going to tell them until the morning we go.

It's all so exciting.  And it all kicks off on Saturday!


Valerie said...

Y'all are busy little bees! Elliott really does resemble Spencer now. I think so anyway!! Glad everybody is holding up well out there after your terrible weather lately.

Jeannette said...

I totally agree! My mom's birthday is the same as Spencer's (I've told you that before, right?) and it was always the official kickoff of an awesome part of the year. It was only when I married a March baby and birthed a July baby that I gave a damn about any other part of the year outside of September-January.

Sherry said...

Okay, I think I found one of our "opposites" instead of similarities. I think our favorite and busiest seasons are opposite. Mine is Spring and yours in Fall. Our kids' birthdays and many of our busiest activities are in the Spring, and of course, you know Easter is my favorite holiday. :-) I still like Fall probably second best though. I love that day you and Elliott had playing in the rain, taking a warm shower, and eating cereal for lunch...PERFECT! And yes, I have been noticing more and more similarities in Elliott's and Spencer's facial expressions lately. They definitely have very similar smiles! Whew, I'm tired just reading about all of the exciting future endeavors but definitely sounds like a lot of fun!