Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All the boring before all the fun

Spencer's last day of school before Fall Break is on Friday.  We have a lot of fun stuff planned during the 2.5 weeks he is off.  And then we have Monica's wedding and Halloween right after that.  There should be some pretty awesome blog posts coming up soon.  This is not one of them. 

We'll get through all of this quickly though.

I just liked how Spencer looked before school last week.  This was on Wednesday the 17th.
It was also the day that I put Elliott in pants to go to the grocery store.  He has mosquito bites all over his legs and they just looked terrible.  He is definitely my son.  Mosquitoes love him and when he gets bites they turn into huge welts and then leave bruises as they heal.  Elliott and I are covered.  Michael and Spencer have none.  
We got a little bit of rain that afternoon.  It left a pretty double rainbow, although you can't see the double in this picture.

I made apple cars for dessert that night.  Apples slices, grapes and chocolate peanut butter.

I took Elliott to the mall last Friday.  I bought him a banana chocolate chip muffin before we left so that we could come home and he could go straight to bed and not have to pause for lunch.

That afternoon the devil's spawn of a cat returned to our yard.  Here it is plotting our demise.

And here it is charging me whilst hissing and flashing its blood dripping fangs.

Spencer helped me bake whoopie pies that night.

Saturday morning we were lazy and watched cartoons.
Then I met some friends that I have not seen in YEARS for brunch.  Joy, Kathy and Lisa were all speech therapists in my very first district.  They are all still speech therapists, but only Kathy is still in that same district.  We brunched for 3 hours.

On Saturday night we went to Monica's mom's birthday party.  I took 1 picture.
We got home late on Saturday night so on Sunday Spencer slept until 9:20 and Elliott until after 10:00.  We are so, so lucky that our kids will sleep in which they go to bed late. 
After everyone was up we decided to go out for breakfast.  We had been abiding by a strict "no going out to eat" rule for the previous 2 weeks and I was ready to not cook anything.

Spencer was being grumpy.

Selfies are actually quite difficult.  I am not good at them/
On Sunday I ordered a print for this picture frame that I recently bought.  Since I had a print for it I HAD to put it out.
I had also put out some fall themed votive candle holders the week before.  But that's it.  Well, until next week when I break EVERYTHING out.
On Monday morning we all got up incredibly early, drove Elliott to Mesa to leave him at Dorothy's house and then drove to Phoenix for Spencer's 2nd appointment for the eczema study.  We were there for 2 hours and 50 minutes.  I really hope that the rest of the appointments are shorter.

We came home with a digital diary that we need to fill out twice a day.
We also got 2 tubes of study medication and a map of Spencer's body of where to put the medication.  In the 16 days he went without his steroid cream he went from 5% of his body being covered with eczema to 40%.
Oh, and one more thing.  For Sherry, Jeannette and Megan (and anybody else concerned about my turkey dish purchase plan).....I actually don't want to buy the same dishes next year.  I would like to buy a set of different prints each year so that I have 12 plates in 3 different turkey prints.  And we'll see how I feel when I get to 12 because 16 might be a safer plan.

But thanks for your concern.  I feel safe knowing you are all looking out for me.


Sherry said...

I remember reading this post and writing one of my very lengthy comments on it the other day and then getting highly frustrated with blogger for crashing and losing my comment before it posted. I am trying again. Sigh. First, I found another striking similarity (surprise, surprise). Brody and I are extremely tasty to those pesky, darn mosquitoes. Brody's legs get eaten up with them when we go into our backyard. Plus, they have been worse with all the rain we have had the last few weeks which I expect is the same for you guys. I just hate them! And Evan and Eddie never get bitten. :-( See, I think even I could accomplish the apple car snacks. Hehe! I think I will "pin" it. ;-) And cats are just pure evil...those Egyptians had that one right! Haha! And why do you look so tan in the picture of you and Michael and Elliott watching cartoons? You look darker than Michael! And if I had to pick a meal that I really like to eat out, I would pick breakfast. I love going out for a Saturday morning breakfast at a diner. How has Spencer been doing on the test medication? I hope it works well for him! And I am so glad that you will be happy with different dishes. I was seriously worried for you. Hehe!

Sherry said...

Oh and Brody has learned quickly how to get his bites to stop itching. I wash his legs really well with warm water and then put lotion on him. I think the warm water bath draws the poison out more quickly. He now ask me to wash his bites! :-)

Cat said...

I like your car snacks, though I must confess, I have never seen chocolate peanut butter. It sounds delish. I too was wondering if you'd be able to find the same dishes next year so I'm glad that has been clarified. :)