Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Trip: Day 6

We have finally reached the end of my trip.  Day 6.  The last day. 
Megan and I were both in desperate need of a little bit of sleeping in, so we woke up late on Monday morning.  This also helped us to miss the horrible morning traffic heading into Boston.
Knowing that I was leaving that day and not returning for who knows how long, I wanted to take some pictures of Megan and Marc's lovely home.
I was highly amused by the snow blower in the garage.  This is just not something that you see around here. 
Megan and Marc's house was built the same year as our house (1994), they bought their house right when we bought our house (2012) and they moved in just 2 months after we did.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

They re-did their whole kitchen though.  We did not.

I used to have this same sign, except it said Natalie.  I somehow lost it during one of our moves.

The living room

The family room

The dining room
Right off the dining room is a room that here in Arizona we would call an Arizona room.  There is a sliding door and screen door separating it from the rest of the house, but it is a real room and not outside.  I don't think it's called an Arizona room in Massachusetts though.

After my Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot we headed for Boston.  We parked the car with all my luggage in it at the airport and then took the bus to lunch.

We went to Yankee Lobster.

I had fried clams and lobster mac and cheese.  It was a fantastic lunch.

Then we took a cab to the Boston Public Library.

I did not know that the library had an Elliott room, but as soon as I saw the sign I knew we had to visit it.  I had also seen a sign for the town of Eliot, Maine when I was driving back to Massachusetts, but I didn't have time to go there, so I felt like the library room redeemed me a little bit.

The ceiling in the Elliott room was very beautiful.
After the Elliott room we went to the rare books room.  It was very dark and climate controlled but I asked and was told that pictures were OK.  They have the oldest book in the library in that room. 

A 1623 edition of the works of William Shakespeare.  It is known as the First Folio.

There was a locked room off of the rare books room.  You had to get prior permission to work in there.  It is for researchers only.

After the library we walked around the corner to see the finish line for the Boston Marathon.
There is a memorial right next to the finish line to commemorate the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Then we headed over to the Boston Public Garden so we could go on the swan boats.  It is something I have always wanted to do.  And I have to say, it was very disappointing.

The scenery was just lovely, but it was hot and sticky and the ride itself was quite boring.  I don't know why I was expecting it to be more exciting, but I was.

I think one of the problems is that I thought they were individual swan boats and that I was going to be able to sit in one by myself.  I guess I have a problem sharing with others.

After we sat in the shade and recovered from our heat stroke we headed over to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market so I could do a bit more last minute shopping.  I was successful in finding something for everyone, although I took no pictures of the actual shopping.

Spencer got a fabulous shirt,

Elliott got a little teddy bear (more breaking of the no stuffed animals rule), 

 Both kids got a lobster lollipop,

Michael got a t-shirt, 

I got a Christmas ornament, 
and a sweatshirt (to complement my pink Boston sweatshirt that I bought in 2005 that is still my favorite sweatshirt of all time), 
and to share with everyone, a lobster magnet. Oh and remember when I said that I felt like I was forgetting something that I bought in Maine when I showed those souveniers?  This is it- a lobster magnet/bottle opener.
After so much shopping I needed a little treat to get me through the hassle of getting to the airport/to my gate.

My mom's name is Carol Anne, so this Bake Shop was a perfect solution.
I hadn't had a whoopie pie my whole time in New England, so I had to.  I also got a much needed iced coffee.
We stopped outside to eat our snacks when I realized I had only used my camera to take the above picture.   But I wanted to share the deliciousness with the world so in order to post it on facebook I took a picture of the image on my camera with my phone.

Once it was cropped you couldn't really tell the lengths I had gone to for that update.
And just like that, my trip was done.  After an awkward changing of clothes in the back seat of the car at the airport I checked in, checked my bag, waited at the gate for far too long for my delayed flight and then we were off.  I actually had a great flight home and befriended my seat mate who lives in Massachussets and has two little girls almost the same age as my two little boys.  She was headed to Scottsdale for a conference.  It was her first trip to Arizona.

I got home around 10 pm, went to bed and, YUCK, got up early to head to work the next day.

It's been almost two weeks since I arrived home and I feel like just now I am finally recovered from everything and caught back up from being gone for so long.  I have been terrible about taking pictures for the last two weeks so one or two quick catch up posts in the coming days and my timeline will be back on track.  Hooray!

Thanks for participating in the internet equivalent of an old fashioned vacation slide show!


Megan said...

Good thing my house was pretty much clean, though it's making me insane that the garage doors are open!

Sherry said...

Isn't blogging and the internet wonderful? I mean, you used to go on trips and take pictures, but you couldn't show anyone unless you saw them in person. Crazy! Sounds like the perfect ending to a wonderful tour of the northeastern U.S. And Megan, I really like that blue chandelier in your kitchen. Just lovely!

Cat said...

I enjoyed reading about the parts I wasn't there for--and your take on the parts I was ha ha. Thanks for making the trip out east!