Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coming home

Oh my.....I am two weeks behind.  We came home from our trip two weeks ago, on Monday the 14th.  Looks like I have some catching up to do this week.
We woke up in the crappy (but clean) Motel 6 room.  Thankfully both kids slept until close to 9:00, so we were well rested to start the day.
Elliott needed a little snack to start the day.
Spencer needed to lay in bed and block his face from the camera.

We left Carlsbad and drove down the coast a little bit to Encinitas, the home of my favorite breakfast spot in California, St. Tropez Bistro and Cafe.
It was cool and hazy so we were able to sit outside and have a HOT beverage.  I haven't had a hot coffee in months and months and months.  Probably since around Christmas time.  I got a giant mocha and it was delicious.

Michael got nutella stuffed crepes. 
Spencer was so cold he made me go out to the car to get long sleeves for him. 
After our delightful breakfast it was time to head home and back to the heat.
It is a 6 hour drive from San Diego.  We were hoping that Elliott would snooze a little bit, but even though he was really tired,
He just will not sleep in the car when he could be dancing.

I was also really concerned because he kept tugging on his ear.
But it's been two weeks and he stopped doing it as soon as we got home, so I don't think there is reason to be worried anymore.
We drove through some really nice rain storms on the way home.  Only people who live in the drought stricken desert take pictures of a rain storm on the highway.

 The plan in the morning was to drive home, unpack and then head to swim lessons, but we ran short on time so we drove straight to swim lessons and changed in the bathrooms.  We got them to their classes with about 20 seconds to spare.
Spencer worked on a scavenger hunt on the trip.  We saw everything except a horse.

And that is it!  Our short little summer vacation.  Now that we've tackled a road trip with Elliott we're hoping to do more and more.  I know many people travel with their infants, but not even considering all of Elliott's health problems, we just are not those people.  We're so glad we can start getting out more with our kids.


Sherry said...

Glad you had a safe and fairly decent trip home. Evan would be so jealous of Michael's crepes. ;-)

Cat said...

That crepe looks delicious! I kind of want one. I have not had a crepe in at least a year, maybe longer.