Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Michael's 37th Birthday

Michael's birthday kind of snuck up on me this year.  It's not like it changed dates or I wasn't aware of when it was, but I found myself on the morning of his birthday (Friday, May 30th, BTW) having done very little shopping for him.  I think one of the problems is that Spencer wanted to help me shop and with him in school all day there is just less time for us to do stuff together.
So, our first stop after we got up in the morning was Target.  I had already bought him two pairs of shoes from Ross, two chocolate bars from Cost Plus and one chocolate bar from Trader Joes.  The Target trip was needed for supplements to that stuff.
We put every gift in its own bag and then sent the picture to Michael.

Then I TRIED to take a picture in which both of the birthday boy's children cooperated.

After we were done with all of that business we ate lunch and Elliott took a nap.  And then, finally, Michael came home from work and we headed to dinner with John and Maryellen.  We wanted to try a new restaurant called Cheddars.  They do not take reservations or do call ahead seating, but thankfully our wait was only 25 minutes.

I got the most delightful drink ever.  It had pineapple juice and rum and cream of coconut and there was a two drink per person limit.  The rim of the glass had honey and toasted coconut all over it.

John and Maryellen stopped at the store on the way back to our house to buy some Kahlua, so we hung out and took some pictures while we waited for them.
Spencer took this one.
And this one.
Our neighbor took this one.  It's pretty much the best picture of all of us ever.  And Ginger is even in it.  See her little tail over by Spencer's shoulder?
Then it was time for presents.

Michael and I were both taking a 2-day diet break so we bought him the crappiest of crappy food. 

Dessert time!
I made a chocolate mousse cheesecake.  It was every bit as good as you might imagine.

The kids ate cake and went to bed and then it was time for the real party.  The real party involved the adults drinking copious amounts of heavy-on-the-vodka white Russians while John played the guitar and sang songs with naughty lyrics.
He also had a moment with Ginger.

It was a pretty great birthday, if I say so myself.


Valerie said...

Happy birthday Michael! I looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

Sherry said...

Man, ya'll are a fun bunch! Haha! And I always love when I recognize restaurants that you eat at there...makes us seem closer. We have a Cheddars but have only eaten there once for lunch with Eddie because it is close to his office...but like 40 minutes from our house. In Charlotte, 40 minutes is like 4 hours. Haha! We think if you have to drive more than 5 miles somewhere, it isn't worth it. Crazy, right? But I need to get back up there and try one of those drinks because that sounds crazy yummy! And Michael seemed to have a lot of junk "crappy" food to eat in 2 days. I love that meme on pinterest about the diet plan of not eat C.R.A.P. That has become my official dieting plan. ;-) Anyway, I hope Michael had a really great birthday, and I think you did an amazing job celebrating him!

Jeannette said...

Michael's birthday presents remind me a lot of what we do at Christmas, put a bunch of littler things into lots of bags to increase festive-ness.

And why is it so freaking impossible to get kids to cooperate at the same time for pictures? Great family pics though!

By the way, I totally felt hungover after reading this post. I hope you weathered the fun well. ;)

Michael said...

It was a wonderful birthday with excellent gifts, great company and awesome food. I do love my Doritos and chocolate cheesecake! Thanks my love!

Cat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michael! Looks like you guys had fun.