Thursday, May 1, 2014

Watermelon towers

I'm totally behind on day to day happenings again.  I was going to blog on Tuesday night, but I watched TV instead.  Then I was going to blog on Wednesday night but I went to bed at 9:30, pinned on the kindle until 10:00 and then slept until 7:00 am.  So, I'm all rested up and ready to do this!
Elliott and I were outside watering the flowers last week when he asked me to take his picture.  I didn't even have the camera with me.  It warmed my heart a little.  I'm training him so well.
That night at dinner he told us he was building towers.  We hadn't really been paying attention to him so when we looked we were surprised to see some fancy watermelon towers.  We weren't so pleased that he wasn't eating and was playing with his food, but his fine motor skills are impressive.

Later that night Elliott was in the bathub in our bathroom while Spencer was in the tub in the hallway bathroom.  Spencer is still taking bleach baths for his eczema, so we have been keeping them separate.  I was standing on the other side of the bathroom  when Elliott turned on the whirlpool jets.  Our bathroom is pretty big so until I ran over there and climbed in the tub to turn them off he got blasted from every which way and it soaked the bathroom.
I think he learned his lesson and will not ever, ever, ever try to push the gold button again.
On Thursday Spencer reaaaalllllyyyyyy wanted to go in the pool so we put on their new Easter basket swim suits, suncreened up and headed out.

It is not evident in the pictures, but Spencer went all the way in.  He swam and swam and swam.  Until I forced him out and into a hot shower.  Elliott was happy to stay on the step because he agrees that the water is still too cold.
Some flowers by the pool.  I thought they looked lovely.
Okee dokee.  That's it for now. 
More pinning.  More sleeping.  Good night.


Valerie said...

As bad as I feel for Elliott, the image of him getting blasted with the jets is almost too much to handle.

Sherry said...

Way to go, Elliott, on the picture posing and the tower building! You will either be a handsome model or a manly architect. I still get a kick out of the bathtub incident. His sad little face was priceless. Poor Elliott! I am a little jealous that you guys can even get into your pool at this time of year. Our neighborhood pool opens in mid-May, but the water isn't warm enough for me call it a pleasant experience until at least mid-June. Hope you enjoyed your pinning and sleeping! If I know you, you were probably pinning in your sleep. :-)

Jeannette said...

After reading this post I feel inclined to suggest that Elliott always wear goggles when near water to protect him from both bath jets and his brother's enthusiastic splashing.

Those flowers are indeed very lovely, by the way. :)

Cat said...

I hear ya. I'm behind on reading and blogging. Darn work and life just get in the way ha ha. As always, love the pics.