Thursday, May 29, 2014

P to the 4th degree

To be more specific about the title:
Peach Picking and Pool Party on Memorial Day.
Memorial Day started with a little cartoon watching.  Although we have very comfortable and functional furniture, Spencer will often watch TV like this. 
It doesn't look cozy to me, but he loves to be like this.
We were invited to a pool party at Brendan's house on Monday afternoon.  He just finished putting a pool in and generally re-doing his entire backyard, so this was the inaugural pool party.  Brendan lives really far away from us but really close to a "local" farm.  It was the last day for you-pick-em peaches so we decided to stop by to get some peaches before heading to the party.
It was Elliott's first experience with fruit picking.  He caught on really quickly. 



The last time we did peach picking was on Memorial Day in 2010, when Spencer was two.  I knew we had gone in May, but I did not know that it was actually on Memorial Day until I went to look for the pictures.  Now we have accidentally created a "thing" and we will only ever be able to go peach picking on Memorial Day.
You can read the post about the original peach picking HERE or you can just have a quick little flashback here.

So, after we got 13 pounds of peaches we headed to the party.  I took no pictures during the party because we were having too much fun in the pool.  I got the camera right before we left and snapped some quick pics of the backyard, just because it looks so beautiful and because, how else would I blog about it? 

This was the most comfortable pool lounger in the world and if it wasn't the size and weight of a rhinocerous, I would have stolen it. 

We partied so hard that Elliott actually fell asleep in the car on the way home.  That is such a rare occurance it has to be noted.  For a minute we thought that Spencer had fallen asleep too and I almost crashed the car in shock, but it turned out he was just faking.


Sherry said...

Have I mentioned that I love peaches...seriously, my favorite fruit! Hint hint! I know, they wouldn't likely ship very well. Sigh. I do love the fruit picking pictures and am surprised how much 2 year old Spencer looked like 2 year old Elliott now. Also, that pool is AMAZING! :-)

Jeannette said...

1) I swear I commented on this post, but I guess that was just in my head...

2) I still can't believe you guys picked peaches already. I keep having to double check that it isn't July. Of course, it will be in about a blink and a half.

3) I love how patriotic you guys dress on the appropriate holidays.

4) That backyard really is AH-mazing

Cat said...

I have tried to comment on 3 of your blog posts tonight and every time I've done so, my computer freezes so I hope this one goes through. (And I'm so annoyed by my frozen computer, that I didn't even say anything about your post--oops! Looks like a fun weekend!).