Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ladies who lunch

Last weekend was a very busy one.
On Saturday morning I joined my lady friends for a lovely early lunch at Brenda's house.
We like to take a group picture at every get-together.  This time we had Brenda's husband take our picture in their backyard.   It was a chilly, windy day.  Probably the last one for at least seven months.

Brenda had everything ready for us, including a beautifully set table.

After lunch Brenda had a "recycling" craft for us to do.  We all picked a base and a top and made new/used serving pieces. 
This is mine.
She was also getting rid of a bunch of creamers and let us pick something we liked.
Maryellen ended up with the sweetest little serving set ever.
My parents spent the whole weekend with us last weekend.  My dad and Michael finally took down the old lights in our bathroom and put in the new ones.

We also went from two sets to three sets. 
Now we just have to paint (which is being done next week) and then we can hang up the mirrors that we bought in January that have been sitting on the counter for four months.
The kids played on my mom's iPad while we were working.  This set up made me very nervous.
This was only slightly better.
We also put new knobs and handles on Spencer's dresser.  His dresser was my uncle's when he was young and we took it from my grandparent's house after they died.  It is still in really good condition, but the handles have all been breaking.
Knobs before

Knobs after
Handles before
(see the upside down broken one in the middle?)
Handles after
The whole dresser
 After my parents headed back to Tucson we decided to go for a walk.  I put Elliott in his new shoes, which ended up being pointless because he didn't want to walk.  He wanted to go in the wagon.
He still looks cute in them though. 

And that was the weekend.
I'm an entire week behind so my next post or so will get me caught back up.  It will include gruesome photos of Ginger's latest surgery.  You have been forewarned.


Jeannette said...

Everything looks great (lunch, crafts, home improvement, and that sweet little boy). It also looks like the new pictures won out on the dresser top. Where'd the other ones end up?

Sherry said...

I am so jealous of the ladies' luncheon. Looks like a great time! I love all the home improvements too. Way to go, Jeannette, for noticing the picture frames. I was too busy focusing on the new drawer pulls. And of course, little Elliott is rocking those new shoes! He is one cool 2 year old!

Cat said...

I want to do a crafty day with my friends. Next time I visit, please add crafts to the list. :) We'll cut back slightly on the baking and replace one baked good with a craft ha ha