Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting caught up

We have a very busy and eventful (and event full) week going on.  It started yesterday and is going to last until Saturday.  There will be many blog posts about many topics.  But before all of that starts I need to do a major and speedy catch up. 
Last Monday, as in, May 19th (I am really behind) Ginger took full advantage of the tablecloths and blankets waiting to go into the laundry.
She took not one,
but two separate naps on top of the pile.
Monday was also the day that Elliott and I were outside watering the flowers when I noticed that he was wearing the exact same sunglasses as the Scooby on his shirt.  I swear it was not planned.  I was so blown away by the coincidence we did a full on photo shoot.

That night the kids had a dance off.  They both look kind of mad, but I can guarantee they were both having a blast shaking their booties.

On Wednesday the 21st Spencer needed a little Ginger snuggle before he got ready for school.
Ginger was not in full agreement about the cuddle.   She does not submit to forcible cuddling.
She does, however, model like she has a million dollar contract with Pedigree.

 On Thursday the 22nd Elliott insisted that we get into bed to read books.  Ah, he has realized the joy of reading in bed at a young age. 

The kids also had a fierce lightsaber fight in the backyard. 

On Friday the 23rd Spencer had "take your stuffed animal to school" day.  He picked his monkey, who is named, Monkey.

When Spencer got home from school I used Spencer's paper airplane book to make both kids paper airplanes.
This activity resulted in Spencer telling me that I was awesome and a totally cool mom and with Elliott in a crying heap on the floor ripping his airplane to shreds because "airplane broken" and "it can't fly" and "mama need to fick it (fix it)".

 After I banned paper airplanes for the rest of the day we got ready for a visit and dinner date with our friends Mike and Kara.  They live in Reno and the last time we saw them was on Mother's Day, 2010.  Kara was 7 months pregnant with their first baby, Kaitlin.  She was born in July that year.  Then last year they had their second baby girl, Rachel, also in July.  It was the first time we got to meet both girls.
This was taken the last time we saw each other 4 years ago!  Kara and I met each other our last semester at the University of Arizona.  We became fast friends.  We also went to graduate school together, but were not in the same class because I deferred for a year.  She is a speech therapist at a hospital in Reno. 

See little Kaitlin in her belly?
Well this is Kaitlin now.

The kids got along great.  Rachel was quite tired being 10 months old and all, so she went to bed shortly after they arrived and I didn't get a picture of her until right before they left.

Spencer took these pictures of all the adults.  He's handy to have around. 

Here's Rachel!
On Saturday I went with Lauren and Maryellen to a memorial service for Brenda's dad.  I did not break out the camera for blogging purposes though.  That would not have been socially appropriate.
On Sunday Spencer picked his own outfit.  He could still use a little practice.

Aaaaaaand, we're all caught up.
On the blogging agenda for the next week or so:
Peach picking and a pool party on Memorial Day
Spencer's last day of school with 1.6 million comparison pictures
Spencer's graduation
Michael's 37th birthday

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Jeannette said...

Totally fun catch up post!

I love seeing pics of the boys playing so happily together. It makes me so excited for us to get to that stage (Ellie keeps asking me if Clark is "big enough" yet).