Thursday, April 24, 2014


Happy Easter five days late!
We had a great Easter this year.  We spent the weekend in Tucson and the only part that was terrible was that we had to pack up and come home on Sunday.  Spencer got Good Friday off, but not the day after Easter, which makes 100% more sense and would be 100% more helpful.
Anyway.  We started the day with Easter baskets.

Then it was time for the candy and egg hunt.  This was the first year that Elliott cared (and was able to walk) which made the whole thing much more fun.
We had a surprise visit from Winston.  He brought chocolate bunnies from Santa.

Can I just interrupt myself to do the world's most awesome and totally accidental/not planned comparison flashback?  And I mean it.  I did not plan this at all.
First look at the above picture again. 
Now look at this:
Spencer on Easter in 2010. Age 2 years 7 months. 
I think I just found an entry for the next comparison Shutterfly book!
Comparison flashback over.  We're back to present day.



After the hunt we let them eat a piece of candy.  OK.  Maybe we let them have two. 

Then I prepared my part of the Easter feast.
I made hot buttered pecan biscuits,
and chocolate sugar cookies.  I also made carrot cake cheesecake bars, but I didn't take a picture and I also didn't eat one which I am regretting now.
Elliott went down for a nap and while he slept we all got ready.  Then he woke up screaming shortly after all of our company arrived.  I think he had a nightmare (daymare?).
It took him a long time to recover and really wake up. 
Grandma's lap helped. 

Then we took family pictures before we got all smeared with lamb, ham and asparagus.
Michael and I could get contracts with a modeling agency based on this picture, but of course neither child is really cooperating.
Better, but not quite there.
Ehhh.  We'll take it,
because it's better than this.
My camera took a break after this because I was too busy eating and drinking wine.  It was quite lovely.
Then we had to stop all the partying and pack up to go home.  We were almost ready when my mother, in a fit of mental illness, grabbed Winston off the shelf and asked where he was going to go.  I really wish we had gotten a picture of Spencer's face in that exact moment.  It was an amusing mixture of horror, fear and shock.
Not to worry.  I googled what to do if someone touches the elf and based on several posts we healed Winston and got his magic back right away. 

It was really quite simple.  We just took turns dropping a little bit of baking soda (because we didn't have silver glitter readily available) on him, spraying him with water and saying "be well, Winston."  And then my mom touched him during the healing ceremony.  She's going to get a 74 page manual on proper Elf care for Mother's Day.
After that we dragged our depressed selves to the car and forced ourselves to drive home.  
Up next: a whole post about books.  It's going to be awesome.  If you're into books.  It's going to be tedious and sucky if you're not.


Valerie said...

I am so sad you weren't able to get a picture of Spencer's face. Thank goodness Winston is healed!!

Sherry said...

Oh my, so many things to love. I must number them. Ha!

1. The indoor easter egg it!

2. Winston's magical easter appearance.

3. Accidental comparisons are the absolute best. I have accidently realized my kids were wearing the same outfit at about the same age doing about the same things before and did not plan it at all. I think our comparison loving brains work subconsciously sometimes. ;-)

4. The old pictures of you and Michael in the background. I am guessing high school senior pictures?

5. I love that you make all this yummy looking "junk" food for everyone and then say you didn't eat any. Uh huh...way to make everyone else fat while you are staying skinny, missy! ;-)

6. Also, I love that you and I both find nothing wrong with each others' family pictures but are always hypercritical of our own in search of that "perfect" shot where everyone is smiling perfectly at the camera. Haha!

Jeannette said...

Bahahaha, I actually gasped when I read about your mom and Winston. Glad you got the magic back. ;)

In the 4 years of taking family Easter pictures, Ellie has never once smiled at the camera. She is almost always looking to the side or not smiling at all. Maybe next year we'll all get lucky.

Cat said...

I don't have kids of my own so help me out, are you not allowed to touch the elf?