Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Book

I got one of those free photo book offers from shutterfly last week.  They come once every six months or so. Of course I waited until the last day to redeem the code to even get started on the book.  I didn't have a ton of time to put it together so I thought the easiest and quickest thing to do would be an entire book full of comparison pictures of Spencer and Elliott.
It didn't take as long to put together as some of the other books I have done.  Maybe I'm just finally figuring out what mistakes not to make over and over!
Then I went to order it (about 6 hours before the deadline) and everything went haywire.  The whole site just crashed whenever I tried to place the order.  So I called their 800 number.  After waiting on hold for a loooooooong time (they said it would be 45 minutes, but it wasn't that long) I got through to a customer service rep who placed the order for me.  Apparently the free photo book offer is quite popular and so many people were redeeming their codes all at once that their server kept going down.
I think it came out pretty cute.

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Sherry said...

So I actually looked at this on Friday at work, but my office had the shutterfly site blocked so I couldn't pull it to view larger. I felt I needed to do that to get the full effect. I feel as your twin I now need to do something similar but sadly I don't think I was quite as OCD as you about all the "same" pictures. Hehe! I think we are both OCD but in some different ways. I loved seeing the boys grow through all the comparison shots. I can definitely see that they are each very unique with one more like you and one more like Michael. And speaking of Michael, tell him he and my husband both seemed to have progressively gotten more gray since having kids. Evan wears the badge of honor of turning Daddy's hair gray with honor! ;-)