Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transportation Day the 5th

We went to Transportation Day on Saturday.  It was the 5th time for Michael and Spencer, the 4th time for me and the 2nd time for Elliott (Elliott and I both missed it in 2012 because we were on lockdown). We'll get to all of those 947 pictures in a minute. 
First, I have a mini review of the second part of last week.
On Wednesday I fully intended to take Elliott to morning story time at the library.  In reality we stayed at home and didn't even get out of our pajamas until it was time to pick Spencer up from running club (3:50 pm!). 
We burned some time taking selfies. 
On Thursday we ended up at the mall after I got home from work.  I can't remember why we went in the first place but we ended up eating dinner there. 

On Friday Elliott was discovered with his big ol' diaper butt about 6 feet up in the air.

OK.  Transportation Day!
You can go HERE to read the 2013 post.  There are links within links within links that will get you to 2012, 2011 and 2010 too.
The whole thing started at 9:00 am with the landing of the helicopter.  9:00 am used to be an impossible feat for this family.  Spencer being in school all year has changed that and we were ready and waiting at 8:55.

Police motorcycle
I'm pretty sure I have 5 years of these pictures.  I should do a sweet comparison collage.
There was room for about 6 people to sleep in there. I'm tempted to rent one and take it to the beach.  That's as close to camping I will ever get.
Mobile Gym
Back of the UPS truck.  This was the first thing that intrigued Elliott enough to get out of the stroller.
Front of the UPS truck
Smart car
Inside the city bus
Inside the YMCA bus
Harley Davidson

Cherry Picker
Elliott was disinterested until he found the big bucket of candy.
Sea doo

Chick-fil-A cow
Is a cow a kind of transportation?

Big construction machinery- I don't actually know exactly what it was.  Michael says it's an excavator.

We were disappointed that they weren't letting kids sit inside of it this year.  We got over our disappointment in about 7 seconds.
More contruction machinery

Petting zoo
Certainly not transportation, but they were still fun to look at.
This is a rundown of all the animals I seriously considered stealing.
This bunny. 
I mean, come on, how could I not tuck that thing under my arm and run?
This pig.
Ginger would LOVE us if we brought her home a pig sister.
This chicken. 
She had fluffy feathers around her feet that looked like fancy shoes.  I appreciated her sense of style.
And this chicken had an awesome hat made of feathers.  I want both of them to live in my backyard.
And finally, this goose was wearing the most fantastic dress I have ever seen.  Her goose dress is even more beautiful than the goose dress that Bjork wore.
On the school bus.  This is the first year that Spencer didn't care about the school bus.  It's hard to get excited about something that you ride every week.
Garbage truck
The airplanes

Speed boat
Cherry picker up high 
I should win an award for this picture. 
The hot air balloon was new this year.  We've never seen one there before. 

Elliott was not a fan of how loud the fire was. 
All terrain vehicle 
And one more look at the hot air balloon as we left. 
Then it was on to Paul's house where we left Spencer for his very first sleepover with a friend. 
The rest of our Saturday was peaceful and very, very quiet.  I have forgotten how easy it is to have 1 kid.  Michael and I even took a nap with Elliott.  It was heavenly.


Jeannette said...

Looks like a great time was had by all and my goodness those were some fancy fowls!

Cat said...

1. I guess you could ride a cow and then it could be transportation? I'm not saying I suggest you try it, but maybe that's how they fit it in.
2. You should get a pig. One came to school last year with a farmer guest speaker and apparently, they are very smart and not terrible pets. I kind of wanted one lol.
3. I want to go on a hot air balloon. That doesn't really have anything to do with your post, but since you had a pic of one, I thought you should know that.

Sherry said...

Evan always begs to go play at the mall and eat at the food court. We don't do it too often because trips to the mall usually mean spending excess money. Haha! They do look so cute on those little rides...Brody would be so jealous of that choo choo train. And Elliott's big ol' diaper butt in the air is too cute...and I really like those snowflake sheets. They'd match my bedding perfectly. ;-)

I do recall your previous posts about transportation and thinking how much my boys would love it. It looked really cool this year. And I don't blame you for wanting to pick up that bunny and run...you know I can't resist them. I actually had an all white one with pink eyes (albino?) as a kid. Yes, his name was Pinky. Haha!

Maryellen said...

Transportation day looked awesome and I'm sure the weather was perfect! You made me laugh several times during this post. I'm not sure what my favorite comment was but referencing Bjork's goose dress was pretty funny. Is it bad that I've always thought it was "sea doon"?