Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby shower and outdoor water play

We have wonderful neighbors to the east of us.  Just to clarify, to the west of us is a street, so it's not like we have horrible neighbors on one side and great neighbors on the other, but our east neighbors really are great.  Jo Ann and Jesus are the original owners of their home and have lived there for close to 20 years.  They have come to all three birthday parties that we have had for the kids since we moved here.  I think that's awesome.
Jesus and Jo Ann's son, Cory, and his girlfriend, Safria, are having a baby at the end of March.  Jo Ann hosted a baby shower for them on Sunday.  I was invited and even though I didn't know a single other person there, I was happy to go.
Jo Ann is the one with her arms up in the air.
There were lots of tasty treats.  I ate none of them but brought an entire buffet home for my family.

That's Cory in the blue shirt and Safria with the big baby belly.
Since I brought a whole bunch of treats home with me, Spencer and Elliott got cupcakes after dinner on Sunday.

Elliott declared, "cake goon".  Translation, "cake good".
 Spencer had his last running club practice on Monday.  After we picked him up we came home and painted outside.  This is Elliott's first water color.
It was warm enough to turn on the sprinklers.  This worries me.  If we're playing outside in the water in February, what will we be doing in July?  I can probably predict this: living in the frozen section at Costco.  We'll just set up a little tent for the month.
Elliott had a wee bit of paint on his face.

I got these chocolate whale pops at the shower.  The kids got them after dinner on Monday.   


Now we just have about 8 blue jello cups, 3 cookies and a bag of candy left.  That shower just keeps on giving and giving and giving.

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Jeannette said...

The pictures of the boys with the sprinkler are too funny!

I'm hoping we just keep this weather straight through August. There's a chance of that, right? Right?!

Cat said...

I love when someone I once met appears in your blog (it's like meeting a celeb). :) Oh, and yay, I'm caught up on your blog. Wonder how long 'til I fall behind again? hee hee

Sherry said...

Oh my, water play in February? I am a little envious now, but I guess I want be later. I love how Spencer makes his own water slide. You got to hand it to him, he's ingenuous. Of course, I think Elliott has a touch of that too as he figures out how to drink water from the water sprayer. Haha! And yes, Elliott, cake is very "goon!" Don't let your speech therapist mother tell you any different, okay? ;-)

Maryellen said...

I LOVE the sprinkler pictures!! Adorable!!!! I was hoping that Elliott was going to say, "Whale goon." The treats looked awesome!!!!