Monday, January 20, 2014

Long weekend

We spent the long, holiday weekend in Tucson.  It's only been a few weeks since we were there for the holidays, but we are pretty busy in February and won't be able to go back until early March.  Christmas to March seemed like too long so we snuck this weekend into our schedule.
We were pretty busy all weekend, but took very few pictures.
Saturday morning. 
We split up when we are in Tucson....Daddy and Spencer in what used to be Nick's room and mommy and Elliott in what used to be Nathan's room.  Someday our kids will be old enough and Michael and I will move across the house to the guest room and leave our kids in their own rooms.  Someday.
Elliott was kind enough to turn his body perpendicular to mine during the night.  He left me a little edge to sleep on.
Megan and her family moved to Tucson a few weeks ago.  She now lives about 1/2 a mile from my parents.  I will, no joke, see her way more now compared to when she lived 20 minutes from me.  We spent the morning playing over there.

On Sunday Michael and I left the kids with his parents and went to see American Hustle followed by Saving Mr. Banks.  It was a delightful day totally free from siblings fighting and toddlers screeching.
Spencer spent the night with Michael's parents on Sunday night and went hiking with Papa on Monday morning. 

While Spencer was out in nature I was having coffee with Chelsea.  But I didn't take any pictures. Michael and Elliott ate cereal together at the island in my parents kitchen.
I am obsessed with Elliott's little face in this picture.
I also think it is funny that he has all of a sudden switched to his right hand for eating.  Perhaps he is not a lefty or perhaps he is actually ambidextrous.
We got home this afternoon and after a few hours of unpacking, doing laundry, organizing, preparing for the week, grocery shopping and eating dinner, we stuck the kids in a warm bath with candles burning on the ledge.
A busy weekend followed by a warm bath and an early bedtime are a surefire way to guarantee a quiet night.  They were both asleep within minutes.  That hardly ever happens!


Jeannette said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! I love those pics of the boys eating cereal and it was very kind of Spencer to use that bath toy to save you from using a black out sticker on Elliott. ;)

Sherry said...

I love all the fun you guys had in Tucson (and especially taking advantage of the free babysitting from the grandparents)! I really love the pictures of Elliott and Michael eating cereal together. Michael is trying to appear nonchalant while Elliott works the camera...haha! I have really begun to see Michael's personality come out more and more on your blog. He's quite funny! ;-)