Thursday, January 16, 2014

A project, an update and a request

I was already planning on doing a post with a million of pictures of Elliott.  That today is the 16th and he is 2 years-1 month old is purely coincidence.  I thought about loading pictures and writing this post last night, but honestly, I was tired and just wanted a good night's sleep.  I needed it because I got up at 6:00 this morning (that is reaaaaaalllllly early for me) so I could exercise before going to work. 
I don't even know who I am anymore.
Last weekend I was looking at pictures of Spencer doing some crafts before he turned 2.  It made me feel kind of guilty that I haven't done as many projects with Elliott.  I also haven't started taking him to any classes and I know that we started with Spencer when he was 21 months.  Poor second child.  I made it a point to do a fun, messy project with Elliott this week.
I settled on some soft, moldable foam made out of shaving cream and cornstarch.
We did this on Wednesday morning after Spencer went to school and we watched a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse, which causes me to have strange flashbacks of Spencer being 2.
I turned up the heat, plugged in a space heater and stripped him down to his diaper.  He was really mad at first, but I think he was just upset that I took his clothes.
It didn't take him long to really get into it.

This was my snowman.  Elliott trashed it in less than a second.

He took a long bath after our messy project and then a fantastic nap.  I had him in the world's most matching and yet, somehow, totally clashing outfit for his nap. 
It's too bad that this kid has such huge, random tantrums when it comes to taking his picture, because we could totally make some money from his child modeling career.

So, Elliott is 25 months old.  2 years and 1 month.  He was still a baby last month when he turned 2, but now I see very little baby left in there.  He's a toddler.  Eeek!  He's a toddler.
We did a little photo shoot outside for his monthly shot.
The camera was on the wrong setting here.  Somebody, probably Elliott, put it on candlelight.
I am done doing actual monthly updates, but these are some of the things I want to remember.
I can't even estimate how many words he has.  A thousand, maybe.  I'm not kidding.  He blows me away with the things he says.  He is using 2 and 3 word phrases regularly and 4 and 5 word sentences sometimes too. 
He knows the colors blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, pink and purple.  He can point to them as well as label them.
He knows the shapes triangle, circle, square and rectangle....again pointing and labeling.
He can sing his ABCs, including the "now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me."
He can count to 20.
This is the official picture, BTW.
He's obsessed with being naked and every time we change his diaper he has to run around the house "nakies" and show whoever else is home.  Sometimes that is just Ginger and he will request, "Ginger nakies".
He wants to sit on the toilet multiple times a day but has only had 2 times where any actual pee went into the potty.  We are not pushing him, at all, to be potty trained.  It is all him.
He loves Elmo and Curious George and Mickey Mouse.
When he says "shower" it sounds like "chowder".
All of his "s" sounds are turned into "h".  Example: "snake" is "hake".  But "Spencer" is "Pensuh", because he also chops up his consonant blends. 
He says his name like Ejiot.
OK.  That kind of turned into a monthly update.  Sorry. 
Let me end it with this.
#1.  In 20 more posts I will be at my 1,000th post.  I need ideas for something cool to do.
#2.  My blog started as "A Beagle and A Baby".  Then, when Elliott came along, it changed to "A Beagle, A Boy and A Baby".  Well.  I don't really have a baby anymore.  What should I do?  Should I just do "A Beagle and Two Boys"?  Is there anything more creative? 
I need ideas for both!


Megan said...

Three B's or 2 Boys and their Beagle or A beagle growing up with boys...okay I'm out.

Jeannette said...

See, this is exactly why I didn't do anything fun/creative with the first kid. No concerns about depriving the second. ;)

And seriously, that boy is adorable (when he wants to be).

No suggestions on a title yet, but I'm sure I can come up with some good ideas during my next 3am feeding.

Cat said...

A Beagle and Beautiful Boys? But then what do you do when they grow up?