Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winston 2013- Report #1

We were expecting Winston to make his return on December 1st, but he surprised us and showed up in Tucson the day after Thanksgiving.
Friday, November 29th
Winston made his return hanging out, quite literally, in a snowy-looking hammock.
He also left us a message written in M & M's.
Saturday, November 30th
Winston was very tricky on this day.  It took us a long time to find him.
But we finally did!
He was hiding in a cupboard, complete with a gift for Spencer and Elliott.

New Christmas plates!
Sunday, December 1st
Winston somehow knew that we were leaving Tucson and heading home so he made himself comfy in the car.

Monday, December 2nd
Oh Winston!  He must have been missing Santa because we found him snuggled into Santa's facial hair.  Cozy.....and a little gross.

Tuesday, December 3rd
We found Winston on my exercise mat pumping some iron.
Well, trying to pump some iron.
Wednesday, December 4th
That silly Winston.  He was riding a piggy on this chilly, stormy morning.

Thursday, December 5th
Winston must have been feeling nostalgic about the first Christmas because we found him spending some quality time with his buddies in the Nativity.

'Sup Joseph?
Friday, December 6th
Winston was hungry after his trip back from the North Pole so he roasted himself some marshmallows.

Saturday, December 7th
Winston was doing some...gymnastics? Zip lining? Air yoga?  We're not sure.

Sunday, December 8th
Winston was in the sleigh having a deep conversation with the snowmen.

Spencer enjoyed him for about 4 seconds before he pointed out that we found him in the same sleigh last year.


k and j said...

I have yet to get our elf out...agh! he didn't really work last year, the kids were still naughty!!

Sherry said...

Haha! That Spencer is as funny as his mama. Guess you're going to have to step up your game if you can't "repeat" previous years' experiences. I would have just said, "And he really likes going on his annual sleigh rides." :-)

Cat said...

I love your Winston posts!