Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dinosaur Party

Elliott turns 2 tomorrow!
It is absolutely unbelievable.
We had an awesome dinosaur themed birthday party for him yesterday.  Before anyone arrived we gave him his birthday present.
The house is the only thing we got him for his birthday so I feel bad that he won't have anything to open on his actual birthday, but he doesn't seem to like opening presents anyway so I don't think it matters.  It just didn't make sense to have this cool new house and not let the kids at the party play with it. 
And he absolutely loves his new little cottage.

The party started at 10, so we had brunch.
Including a delectable hot chocolate bar.
I have a recipe for crock pot hot chocolate that is out of this world.  It has melted chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk.  It's like drinking a candy bar.

There were two dessert offerings.

The cake looks impressive, but it was a breeze to make.  I made a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  The mountain was an extra chunk of cake from the parfaits.  The dirt was a mixture of chocolate graham cracker crumbs and honey graham cracker crumbs.  We bought the chocolate candy rocks at the candy store.
Brunch included Grandma Triceratops' Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies,

Cretaceous Period Hash Brown Casserole,
Chile Tortilla Eggbake
(made with pterodactyl eggs),
Tyrannosaurus Rex's Favorite Ham, 
Croissant Puff with Jurassic Blueberries,
and Stegosaurus Fruit (made with artificial stegosaurus).
 The birthday boy was looking really cute in the shirt I bought 10 months ago.
Daddy was looking really cute in the shirt I bought 2 weeks ago.
Megan was looking gorgeous and Hollis was looking adorable.  My hair was looking awful.
Lauren and Shireen were looking like two moms, but only because Desmond and Dahlia's daddy was at home.
Dahlia turns 1 tomorrow.  She and Elliott are birthday twins, 1 year apart!
Maryellen and John
Michael and his mama

Dinosaurs took over all of the nativities.

More dinosaurs joined the scene when it was time for cake.

Elliott totally knew we were singing for him.
The candles were a family effort.

Elliott needed to regroup with daddy in the cottage before presents.

He's the only 2 year old I've ever known who wanted nothing to do with opening presents.  We forced him to participate.

Ginger did what she does at every party. 
It was a great party.  More than half the people we invited were not able to make it.....  it's just a hard time of year to have a birthday.  But, the smaller number of people made it less stressful and we actually got to talk to everybody.
Thanks to everybody who helped us to celebrate and made Elliott feel loved!


Valerie said...

Happy birthday to Elliott!!!

You're a mini Martha Stewart, by the way.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday, Elliott-saurus! I love your little dinosaur party. I also think Daddy loves your little house. Watch out, next time he is in the "doghouse" he may be moving in! ;-) Mom, you outdid yourself again. The brunch dinosaur feast sounds and looks super yummy as does the desserts. I definitely want some of that hot chocolate with crushed candy canes in mine please! While all of your shirts are awesome, I think Michael's is my favorite. Haha!

Jeannette said...

I think I must've unconsciously refused to comment on this post because I'm still bummed we missed it. Looks like an absolutely fabulous time! Next year I'll bring my 11 month old to tear your house apart and torture your dog, I promise.

Cat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elliott! Natalie, you are so creative, love it! Also, I think the hot chocolate bar is a great idea, never heard of that before!