Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I swear Spencer still lives with us

I've got a fantabulous little catch up post for you.....events that have happened from November 1st until today.   There is one, single, sad picture of Spencer.  I don't know what my deal is.  I just don't seem to take pictures of him anymore, despite the fact that I love him, like, a lot.
This is Elliott's first taste of candy.  It was pink lemonade flavored.  He loved it.

This was the day after Halloween. Spencer chose his Rice Krispie treat for his snack.  This is his only picture in the post.  I hope you enjoy it. 
Everybody has seen this pin on pinterest.  Everybody.  It's been re-pinned 18.6 billion times.
And this one too. 
Well.....we did it! 
It took 6 months, but we hung the IKEA spice racks in Elliott's room.  We bought them in June, painted them in August and hung them on November 3rd.  Go us.
Another project we did that day was a wall protector for the dining room. 
This is Ginger's favorite bed.  She sleeps on it all day long.  I had noticed that the wall and baseboards were getting really dirty from her filthy body that gets shampooed once every 4-6 months.  When I went to wash the wall it actually stunk.  So I scrubbed it up good and then we lined it with poster board so she stinks up the board and not the actual house.
Then I blinged it up with stickers.
Bubita is one of her many nicknames.
And speaking of the little Miss.  She was taking the 7th of her 86 daily naps when Elliott stuck a phone to her ear.  She used it to call the police.  She's trying to get a restraining order against Elliott.  He's kind of obsessed with her.
He's also into playing ON the train table.

And reading books with Gramme.

We spent the weekend in Tucson.  I got 2 hours of free continuing education at the U of A on Saturday morning.  It was homecoming weekend and the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (my major) was offering a free class as part of the festivities.  It was held in room 205 where I took every single class in my major as an undergraduate.  I sat in my same seat (3rd row up- 3rd seat in).  The only thing missing was Anthony to my right.  We took almost all of our classes together and we always sat in the same seats.
I haven't been in this room for 12 years and 11 months.  It was weird.  In some ways it felt like it had been almost 13 years and in some ways it felt like the blink of an eye had passed. 
 After my free continuing ed I went to Jeannette's baby shower.
Check out this cake!  I didn't eat any of it. :(

I'm very excited about the baby boy in her belly.
Michael and I left the kids with my parents on Sunday morning and went to see Thor.  Then we left the kids with his parents on Sunday afternoon and went to see Gravity in 3-D.  We love our kids.  We also love getting away from them a bit.  No pictures, because that's frowned upon in a dark movie theatre.
I went on a field trip with all of the special education kids at my school today.
I provide speech therapy services to all of these kids.  I thought it was OK to show this picture since you can't see their faces.
And I did some appropriate editing on this one.  This was my buddy for the day.  He also comes to speech therapy.
 After I left work I got my hair cut at a local beauty school.  It's a great haircut and it only cost $9.  Then I went to Ross and bought a new shirt and 2 new pairs of jeans, because I currently own 0 pairs of jeans that actually fit.  Happily, it is because they literally fall off my body, not because I can't button them.
And we're caught up. 
Next time: 87 pictures of just Spencer.


Sherry said...

I love this catch up post, but as usual, it makes me have to write a lot when you do these big posts. ;-) What is it about this time of year that is just so draining and makes it seem so hard to catch up? I am just ready to pass out by 9:00 every night and don't even want to look at my computer, and the weekends are just way to activity filled. Ugh! I know what you mean about having so few pictures of Spencer lately. It isn't that we don't love our first babies to pieces...it's just that with school, they are with us so much less now. I love the new book nook. I have also been wanting to do one for a while, and I just recently found another Pinterest one that I really liked that has a curtain in a corner with book shelves and pillows and a cute rug. I am thinking I may have to do this if I can find some cute cheap fabric or curtains to use. Brody loves "reading" and pulling out all his books. The picture of Ginger "calling the police" cracked me up when I first saw it on FB. Haha! I saw the picture of Elliott on the train table before reading, and I at first thought it was a throw back picture of Spencer. I mean, seriously, how much do they look alike these days! Doesn't it make you feel old thinking how long it's been since we were in college...and how young the current college kids were when we were in their shoes? *Sigh* Eddie really wants to go see Gravity in 3D after it got such great reviews. There are so many good movies coming out soon so I hope we can find a cheap babysitter so we can go see them (Catching Fire this month and The Hobbit 2 next month). Hmmm, I guess I really am your stalker because I did notice that you pinned a bob picture (it was in red though). I wasn't sure if you were going to do a drastic color change or not. I do really like the new cut. I like to chop mine all off on occasion because I get so tired of doing anything with it. And I also hadn't mentioned it because sometimes such a "compliment" can be misconstrued (please do not do that here), but I did think you had been looking especially cute and very thin lately. I know you have been doing your healthy diet and working out so I hope you'll just take this as the real compliment that it is...from someone in desperate need to shed about 40 lbs. who cannot button many of her pants. *Sigh*

k and j said...

your weight loss is BLOWING MY MIND! you look healthy and fabulous! wish I could stick to whole 30..i have ZERO willpower :/ I am now trying intermittent fasting lol. google it ;)

Cat said...

Congrats on needing new jeans!