Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gobble 'Til You Wobble!

It's a Thanksgiving Tour!
I didn't decorate for Thanksgiving last year because we spent the whole month of November moving and unpacking.  It would have been ridiculous to have added turkeys and pilgrims to all of that chaos.
This year we have already decided that we are going to break protocol and decorate for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This is due to a variety of factors, but mostly just because Thanksgiving is so late this year.  So, I wanted to get Thanksgiving up asap since it's coming down in a few weeks.
Thanksgiving is my tiniest sterilite container full of decorations.  I don't have much compared to other holidays, but probably have more than the average gal.
The entry way table.

The canvas print is new this year thanks to a birthday gift card to Hobby Lobby from Lauren (thanks Lauren).
My mom gave this turkey to my grandma in 1995.  I took it from her house over the summer when we were clearing stuff out.  I know she got it in 1995 because she used a black sharpie to write "1995 from Carol" (as well as her last name and address) on the bottom.  She also used the same black sharpie to color in the eyes leaving a scary, psychotic looking turkey.  I used a magic eraser to remove as much as possible and then painted over the rest.  He looks better, I think.
The bottom of the entry way table.
Inside of the front door. 
The little window by the front door.  I have the same clings in the bathroom.
Dining room 

Living room 
I think he's cute.
Countdown and turkeys that I colored last year. 
 More coloring.
I color a lot during speech therapy sessions.

Window in the kitchen.
Card on kitchen cabinets.
Glittery turkey on kitchen cabinets.
Turkey napkin holder.  I have turkey napkins waiting for later in the month.
Family room

And that's it.  
Three more weeks until Santa and poinsettias and snowmen.


Valerie said...

You are such a grownup. It looks great!!

Cat said...

I like that you decorate for Thanksgiving. I do too!