Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I've been really busy.  Like, really, busy.  I hope that statement helps to explain my almost week long absence.  I am behind on writing my blog posts, behind on reading other blog posts and definitely behind on commenting on other blog posts.  I apologize to you (Sherry and Jeannette) if you have been wondering where the h-e-l-l I have been.
Tomorrow is my last day of work before a 2 week fall break.  I had almost no meetings in July and August and maybe 3 meetings in September. I've had like 6 or 7 meetings last week and this week.  And I only work 2 days a week!  We are all on a tight deadline since we lose 2 weeks to do meetings this year. It has been crazy.
My parents were also here this week and spent the night.  My aunt came over for dinner that night and had a major medical emergency during dinner.  We ended up with 4 firefighters and 2 paramedics in the living room.  Then I ended up at the ER for like 4 hours on Monday night.  Which put me further behind on my work work since I was going to write an evaluation report and IEP that night.  She is home now (after 2 nights in the hospital where I went to see her 4 times) but without a diagnosis.
Here is a very brief catch up of what has been going on.
Spencer had Pirate Day in kindergarten on Friday.  I deserve brownie points for the bird on the shoulder idea.
He went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday.  The (backwards) J is for the first letter in his friend's name.
I decorated the whole house for fall/Halloween on Sunday.  This is a sneak peek. 
Spencer had his 6 year check up and both kids got flu shots on Monday.  Spencer was 42 pounds and 42 inches.  I put his little sheet with his stats in the notebook where I keep them and looked back at all of his old stat sheets.  He actually gained 6.2 pounds this past year.  I was pretty shocked.  It's the most he has ever gained since birth to age 1.   He was 32 pounds at age 4.  Elliott is currently 31 pounds at 21 months. 
I'll let that sink in.
We went to the orthodontist today.  I had my top permanant retainer re-glued because I busted it biting into an apple a few months ago.
Spencer had a new panoramic x-ray taken.  His bite is actually better than when they took the palate expander out and he stopped wearing his mask 6 months ago. 
We kept ourselves entertained while waiting for the orthodontist.

The assistant pulled up all of his old pictures and x-rays.  Spencer had just turned 3 (and was 29 pounds) when I took him for the first time.  It was awful.  They were only able to take pictures and no x-rays because he was crying and 100% uncooperative.
Look at what a tiny baby he was!
Can you see the single tear falling from his left eye?  I thought for sure we would NEVER be able to start treatment with him because we couldn't even get data and records done.
The orthodontist wants us to come back in a year and we'll keep going back once a year to decide when/if to do braces.
He got a cookie on the way out.
I got a Woodcraft catalog in the mail this week.
#1. Do people still get catalogs?  Didn't the internet replace those years ago?
#2.  Woodcraft?  Really?  Am I known for my talent in shaping wood into interesting crafts?
I have a crazy 4 or 5 days ahead of me and then I think that I will be back to a somewhat normal schedule.  Bare with me.


Maryellen said...

I hope your aunt is ok! That must have been really scary.

In all of your business I'm really happy I'll be seeing you tomorrow!!

Jeannette said...

Phew, I'll call off the search party. I'll tell you my theory for where you were when I SEE YOU SUNDAY! Wooo!

Sorry for the scary medical emergency! I hope your aunt gets some answers soon.

Yay for a lovely bite and a big weight gain (I'm hoping Ellie hits 30 by her 4th b-day)!

Also, I still get a kick out of receiving catalogs in the mail. I can't wait to see what you can Pinterest up now that you've taken up woodworking. ;)

Cat said...

Slowly catching up on your blogs. I bet you could do woodworking. You do so much else!