Wednesday, October 16, 2013

22 Months

22 months
October 16, 2013
The official 22 month picture
This kid is going to be 2 in 2 months.
Our backyard is really sunny and bright in the morning.  The grass is also wet since the sprinklers come on during the night.  It's not the best place for a photo shoot with a reluctant subject. 
Our front yard is nice and cool and shady in the morning.  That's where Elliott and I went after we dropped Spencer off at school 
The pictures are terrible when backlit, however.
That's better.
Elliott is DEFINITELY turning into a 2 year old.  He is testing the limits and throwing tantrums every chance he gets.  Luckily his tantrums are short and he bounces right back.
He is still crying at nap time and bed time, but since we bought Elmo last week the crying at bedtime lasts less than a minute.  Nap time......not so much.  Sometimes he cries off and on the entire time.  Today, for example, Little Mister stayed in bed for 2 hours and was quiet, though not asleep, for about 5 minutes total.  Lovely.  Spencer didn't start this until he was about 2 and a half.
Elliott weighed a little more than 31 pounds at his last hepatology appointment a month ago. He stepped on the home scale this morning, in clothes, after breakfast and was 31 pounds.  He's in the 90th percentile for weight and head size and about the 50th for height.
I made his next hepatology appointment for December 11th.  I am dreading it.  It's the appointment where we will start planning for his liver biopsy.  I really hope we can put it off (the actual biopsy, not the appointment) until January.
Elliott loves reading, he loves Elmo, he loves playing outside, he loves building with blocks and he loves drinking....anything....but we only let him have milk and water.
He is not very big on watching cartoons or anything, really, on TV.  We did buy him a 120 minute long Elmo DVD and it kept him occupied on our last drive to Tucson.  He never would have watched it if he hadn't been, literally, strapped in and forced to watch it though. 
Elliott has started running.  Everywhere.  Spencer was and is the same way.  Why walk down the hallway when you can run?  They have a great time chasing each other.
I think that's about it for the 22 month update.  Make sure you go to the end, though.  I have some fun comparisons.

Just for fun:
Side by side of Spencer (July 2009) and Elliott at 22 months.  They look like twins. 
Spencer wearing Cap'N Spooky (size 3T) for the first time in late October, 2009.  He was almost 26 months old.  He wore that shirt for Halloween when he was 2, 3 and 4.  It still fit at 5 but I refused to let him wear it four years in a row. 
Side by side of Spencer and Elliott wearing Cap'N Spooky for the first time. 


Maryellen said...

I also can't believe Elliott is almost two. You were just pregnant!!! With Spencer!!!! He's definitely a happy, funny, smart little guy...just like Spencer. Nice work Natalie and Michael!!

Jeannette said...

Would've sworn I commented on this one...

First of all, the boys totally look like twins at 22 months. I feel like they haven't always, but they absolutely are starting to look similar to me now.

Also, I'm impressed with how well their clothes hold up from year to year and kid to kid. It must be that homemade detergent. ;) And to add to that point, I'm now very grateful that your kids' clothes hold up so well. :)