Wednesday, September 4, 2013


After all of the fun and games on Saturday it was time to get down to business on Sunday.  My dad came up bright and early that morning to get started on his to-do list.  First up, the bathroom plumbing and faucet installation.  First to be scrapped from the to-do list, the bathroom plumbing and faucet installation.  According to my dad everything is too corroded and too dangerous for anyone but a true, licensed professional to do.  He was afraid that he would get in there and pop/break something and then we'd have to turn off the main water supply which would be a really bad thing on the Sunday of a Holiday weekend.
I was very disappointed that the new faucets wouldn't be done before Spencer's party, but we moved on.
The lack of plumbing work gave my dad plenty of time to install the pendant light in the entry way.  The entry way is now officially done.  New light, new curtain and new rug.  I'm pretty happy with it.  The outside entry way is another story.  I still reeeeeeaaaaaally want to paint the front door red, I just can't figure out the timing of it.  How do you paint a door when removing it will leave a gaping hole in the front of your house?
Here's a close up from underneath. 
After the pendant was done we continued with the electrical theme and moved on to the ceiling fan in the master bedroom.  There was nothing wrong with the fan that came with the house, it was just white and didn't look great with our furniture/bedding. 

We already had this black fan from our first house.  It's been sitting in a box since August, 2009.
Up it went. 
Right before my dad left we remembered we wanted him to look at the pencil sharpener because it had mysteriously stopped working.  We feared the worst.
He was able to fix it, although it was really tricky and difficult.
He had to, get this, open it and empty the shavings. 
That was right up there with the time we asked him to fix a lamp that had mysteriously quit working and all he did was change the light bulb.
Sometimes Michael and I feel like our adult cards should be revoked.
Remember when I refinished the hutch 3 years ago?  Well, my dad made a new decorative edge for the bottom of it because the original one wasn't worth saving.  The only problem is that I stained the wrong side.  So for 3 years it has leaned against the bottom, unattached and on the wrong side.
I finally stained the correct side.
But my dad left without attaching it.  So it continues to lean, just on the correct side now. 
Since we couldn't do any plumbing we reattached the bathroom cabinets on Monday. 
We also bought some peel and stick tile to line the inside of the cabinets.  This is another pinterest idea.  It was cheap and oh so easy. 
Waaaaaaaaaaaay back on Cyber Monday I ordered drapes for the master bedroom.  We had lived here for 2 weeks.  I was so on the ball.  Then stupid JC Penney messed up and sent us the wrong drapes.  All of them.  I ordered mocha and they sent ocean.  I returned them and they reissued the order.  Only they mailed it to the wrong address.  It took them and Fed Ex about 4 weeks to admit that the order had been lost and they were no longer going to even look for it.  Then they dropped the bomb that the curtains had been discontinued and they basically told me there was nothing they were going to do about it.
I wrote a very strongly worded letter to the CEO of JC Penney and got 2 apology letters and $100 from him. Then it took until July for me to buy new drapes.  I don't like them nearly as much as the original drapes, but they are OK.  Then it took until Monday for us to buy curtain rods.  But finally, we have drapes hanging in our room.

Very soon I might even do a post to show you the rest of the room. I've been very intentional in not showing you too much of it because I've never done the big "reveal" since the window coverings were missing.
This is not a home project, but I made these glitter bomb mason jar candle holders for Spencer's party.
I think I will leave them out after the party because they are that awesome. 

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Sherry said...

First, I LOVE your birthday decor on the page! Yay for our birthday! I know I am probably biased, but I think our day is the best ever! I mean is any day better than 9/5? Haha! Of course, I don't like when it isn't on Labor Day weekend.

I love all the projects, but seriously, you and Michael may need to turn in those adult cards. Really, emptying the pencil sharpener and changing light bulbs is too difficult. I blame your parents for not making you be more self-sufficient! Haha! And tell your husband to buy himself an electric drill and screw that darn trim onto your cabinet please. That is man's work, Michael! :-)

Okay, enough ranting...I really do like all the new additions to the house, and I can't wait to see what you have planned for Spencer's party! Happy, happy birthday, twin! :-)